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If You Violate Traffic Rules, Your Punishment Is To Plant A Tree


Mahbubnagar district’s superintendent of police Rema Rajeshwari took a smart initiative in order to drive the Haritha Haram Program in the district effectively. Everytime you violate a traffic signal, you will have to not just pay fine and get away, but also plant a tree.

To instill social responsibility, the police in Mahbubnagar district of Telangana have said ‘traffic violators will have to plant a sapling in addition to other punishment and applicable fines.’

At least 2,765 violators have planted saplings across the district and the police are aiming at planting 1 million saplings in police stations, residential quarters, office buildings and district police office complex.

Explaining the reason behind the drive, Rema Rajeshwari said Mahbubnagar district has the highest number of accident prone zones across the country and it is also one among the areas with highest number of road accidents leading to death or injuries.

“This is community service by offenders. But this is in addition to fines and punishment which they will face. This drive is also a way of police department to contribute in ‘Telangana Ku Haritha Haaram’ which is Telangana government’s initiative to increase the present 24% tree cover in the state to 33% of the total geographical area of the state,” said Rema Rajeshwari who joined as SP of the district in May.

It’s not just traffic offenders, Rajeshwari has also roped in criminals and ex-convicts to plant saplings as part of “reformative policing” efforts. “We hope that such positive reintegration programmes will help criminals to join the mainstream when factors predisposing drive a person to criminal behaviour is addressed in a holistic fashion and the social acceptance needs are met. Our efforts has already started giving results as many violators are returning to water the saplings planted by them,” she added.


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