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English Movies Dubbed In To Telugu

Weirdest title changes


By KS Reddy

For the benefit of public at large, some of the hollywood movies are dubbed into Telugu .

What sounds funny will be the TITLES for those movies. Many of us might remember the production house ‘LAKSHMI GANAPTHI MOVIES’ which gave us many English movies dubbed to Telugu. Though now a days they are keeping the movie names as original as possible, there were times when the movie names were quite funny and were in a league of their own.

Let’s take a look at titles that were given to HOLLYWOOD DUBBED MOVIES

Stealth – Akasam Lo Bhookampam

Akasam lo bhookampam

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – Vichitra Deevi – The Mysterious Island

SkyfallLokam Chuttina Veerudu

John Carter – Maha Veerudu

Pacific Rim- Anthima Poratam

King Solomon’s Mines – Adavi Ramudu Andala Sundari

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