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We Bet You Never Knew These Amazing ‘FAN’ Facts….Mind = Blown..!

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SRK Vs SRK is the premise of the psychological drama from YRF, which is bound to release next week. It has already created a huge buzz, from commercial fanaticism and through critical anticipation. The movie’s trailer has already become the highest watched Indian Movie trailer ever, and it’s only getting started. But then what the film is actually about is anyone’s guess at this point of time. These amazing facts about the movie “FAN” will quench your thirst for the meantime….

1. Fan was originally scheduled to release in the beginning of 2015. But since the film involved complex visual effect details for Shah Rukh’s character, the release date was pushed. It will hit screens on April 15.

2. Maneesh Sharma is not only the director of the movie but he has also written the story as well. He got the idea to make the film around eight years ago and now he is glad that the wait is finally over.

3. ‘Fan’ features a lot of action sequences in it. During the filming, the action director of the movie used to request Shah Rukh that he should not do any scene where his face is not visible. But SRK always used to try the shot at least once to see if he could do it without the body double. Now that’s called professionalism.

4. ‘Fan’ is the first movie to be shot at Madame Tussauds Museum in London.

5. It was quite a thrilling experience for 50-year-old Shah Rukh Khan to play Gaurav Chanana in the movie, a much younger character (almost half of his real age).

6. It was a massive challenge for ‘Fan’ team to present Shah Rukh in a never-seen-before avatar in the movie. Three times Academy Award-winning make up artist Greg Cannom was hired to alter SRK’s face with make up. Canmon has previously worked for Brad Pitt starrer Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

7. Since ‘Fan’ is about the fans of a Bollywood star, the movie features the original footage of Shah Rukh Khan fans which were shot on his birthday in 2014 and 2015 from his house ‘Mannat’.

8. During the shoot of the movie Shah Rukh Khan’s look was guarded so safely that nobody was allowed to take mobile phones on the sets. In fact Shah Rukh himself was restricted from using cell phone on the set.

9. The logo of the film ‘Fan’ is entirely different from any other movie. The logo features 100 real faces of Shah Rukh Khan’s real life fans.  It is the first time that SRK fans were involved in such a great way for the movie promotions.

10. The shooting of Fan also took place in Croatia which was planned to be a 10 day schedule with an action chase sequence. Though, on the very first day of shoot, Shah Rukh sprained his thigh really bad.

The local medical team used to give him pain killers daily and Korean action team used to conduct an hour long physio session to enable him to stand and walk. They took great care of him and that’s how the shoot completed on time.

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