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Andhra Meals At These Food Places In Hyderabad Will Definitely Make You Say Aha, Emi Ruchi!


We love Andhra meals, don’t we? It is quite tiring to search for restaurants and cafes that serve authentic Telugu food all the time. But, don’t you worry as we have a list of Addas, which serve meals at unbelievably cheap prices.

1. Amma Meals

AmmaAmma meals is extremely famous in Banjara Hills for its tasty and cheap meals. Located beside TV9 office the place is run by a lady who everyone refers to Amma, makes some delicious food. The vegetarian meals are priced at INR 50/- and the non-vegetarian meals at INR 70/-. She has several options for the curries including Cabbage, Boti or Liver. The rice and the curries are unlimited. We say, the place is a must try.

2. Aaha Food Village

Aaha Food Village in Kukatpally transports you to a Telugu story book. That is how authentic the place looks like. The vegetarian meals are priced at INR 100/- and the non-vegetarian meals are priced at INR 150/-. The veg meals come with unlimited rice, a dal, two curries, two chutneys, sweets and a local podi, while the non-vegetarian meals have two different types of curries. And, if you are a biryani lover, you ought to try their Fried piece Chicken Biryani.

3. Tinnanta Bhojanam

True to its name, the place serves unlimited food just for INR 50/- Located right opposite to Nagole metro station, the place is one of the most popular outlets in and around Nagole. Their meals have 8 varieties of curries and chutneys. The best part about their food is that everything is hand-made right from the scratch including their famous pacchadis. Chicken lovers fear not as they have Meals with Chicken curry and also Chicken Dum biryani which is also equally good. We highly recommend you take a trip to this epic place.

4. Palle Ruchulu

Chicken Pulao, did we hear? If you are in a mood for spicy and juicy Chicken pulao, Palle Ruchulu in KPHB is your one stop destination. This is sort of a hidden gem and serves Chicken Pulao at just INR 60/-. Cooked to perfection, this place will make your bellies and hearts happy. The place is usually hustling and bustling with crowd. But hey, the Pulao is so good, that it is just worth the wait.

5. Harsha Deluxe Mess

Tucked in the streets of SR Nagar, Harsha Deluxe Mess is one hell of a place. Talk of Telugu meals in Hyderabad and Harsha Deluxe name surely pops up. With 8 varieties of food items, the full plate meals start at INR 70/- and goes upwards. Unlimited rice, tasty dal, and spicy curries, the place is a must-visit for all you food lovers. Harsha Mess is usually super crowded, so make sure to visit the place during the early hours.

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