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What you did not know about Ajith


Sir ji…..Tussi Great Ho!!!!

1. Ajith is a certified formula 2 racer! He ranked number 3 in india. He is one of the best drivers in the country!

2. He was traumatized in a bike accident and had to be on bed for 2 years but that did not take away his love for racing.

3. He worked as a 2-wheeler mechanic before he got into movies. He had an untold passion for automobiles.

4. Ajith is a well known pilot! Amazed right?? He holds a pilot licence and is one of those very few to fly a fighter jet.

5. Ajith has also discovered the joy of photography. He always carries a camera with him to sets and takes pictures of everything.  While on the sets of Veeram, the actor took many pictures of his co-stars and even gifted framed copies to them at the end of the shoot.

6. Thala, as he’s often called, is also a big softie at heart. He has secretly funded the education of his employees’ children. And has built homes for his longtime employees at a hilltown in Tamil Nadu; offering them monetary support as well.

7. He is a Good aero modeler toooo…..Now we give up counting!

8. The actor’s biriyani is to die for. Says Munish, “he makes the most succulent, tasty, chunky, chicken biriyani ever!” Is there anything this man cannot do???

9. Not many knew that Ajith Kumar is a school dropout. He dropped out of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School in 1986 before even completing his higher secondary. Never mind, sir! You are terrific at what you are doing!

10. Ajith has 2 brothers and 2 twin sisters. He had lost his sisters at a very young age. Sorry sir for your loss. But we are proud to have you as a star!

11. His first ever film was halted as the director died during the shoot. Later, this movie was taken by the director’s father, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao and released in 1993 as ‘Prema Pustakam’ which received huge accolades. This was his only direct film in telugu.

12. His super hit, Arambham made a business of 1 billion rupees in the first 10 days! It is the highest by any Indian movie.

13. Ajith later started a non-profit organisation (NGO) called “Mohini-Mani Foundation”, which is named after his parents. He wanted to promote self-hygiene and civic consciousness and to help ease the problems of urban sprawl.

14. Ajith was listed No. 61 in Forbes India’s Top 100 Celebrities for the year 2012.

15. He is also a producer. Movie Villian is produced by Ajith Kumar.

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