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Meet These ZPHS School Girls From Yadadri Who Made ‘Zero Waste’ Sanitary Pads


Sanitary Pads valla kalige wastage ni drstilo pettukuni ‘Zero Wastage’ pads ni cheyalanna alochana iddaru school girls ni aa solution vaipu nadipinchindi. Telangana, Yadadri ZPHS School lo 10th class chaduvutunna Swathi, Anitha ee iddaru students ki decompose kakunda organic pads cheyalanna thought vacchindi.

Ee iddaru kalisi chesina ‘Zero Waste’ sanitary pads ela chesaru? Entha time pattindhi ? em material use chesaru? decompose kakunda tisukunna jagrathalu enti anedi oo sari chusthe…

‘Zero Waste’ Sanitary Pads Made Out Of Hyacinth, Turmeric, Fenugreek & Sabja Seeds:

Manam villages lo water canals or rivers lo Hyacinth ante (Gurrapudegalanu) chusthu untamu. Swathi & Anitha ee iddaru ancient times lo Hyacinth ni oka cloth lo chuttesi pads la use chesevallani ani telusukunnaru. Ala ee iddaru Hyacinth paina research chesi first raw material ga use tisukuni Hyacinth ni neem leaves, turmeric, tho mix chesi oka thick paste la chesaru.

Ila paste chesina danini baga dry ayye varaku unchi dry aina taruvatha, vatini pads size lo cut chesi paina nundi clothes madhya wrap chesaru. Ila chesina sanitary pads ki fenugreek, sabja seeds add chesi add chesaru. Taruvatha beeswax tho 2 cotton straps ni seal chesaru.

Ila seal chesina sanitary pads are ready to use with ‘zero Wastage’ and made with sole intention of decomposition by sanitary pads we are using now. But whereas these sanitary pads are protective, useful and organic which can be easily decomposed without any side effects to our environment.

Kalyani, the teacher who guided these school girls in the whole process & named them as ‘Stree Raksha Pads’:

Swathi & Anitha iddaru girls ki ee entire process lo support chesindi teacher Kalyani. Assala vallaki ee pads cheyalanna thought ela vacchinid ane dani gurinchi chepthu…girls are from remote villages and they don’t have sufficient money to buy costly sanitary pads. So andhuke ee pads cheyadaniki ready aiyyaru…and market lo unna pads la kakunda mana pads ki speciality undalane thought thone ee roju ee girls ‘Stree Raksha Pads’ chesaru ani chepparu teacher Kalyani.

Kudos tho these girls for making these zero wastage pads, and their school & their teachers proud.

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