10 Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Bottles/Vessels.

Summer is here and the heat is already kicking in. This is also the season of us stocking up our fridges with bottles of water. But, did you know, that chilled water right out of a refrigerator can be quite harmful. So, what is an alternative to this? How do you enjoy chilled or cold water without putting it in a fridge?
Remember our grandparents or the elders back home always asked us to use copper bottles or vessels to store water? Copper is rich in antioxidants and is highly beneficial for the working of several human organs.
So, continue reading to find out 10 health benefits of drinking water from a copper bottle or a vessel!

1.Prevents Anemia

1 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeAnemia is the deficiency caused by low-levels of iron in the body. And, copper is known to assist the food in the breakdown of haemoglobin. It also helps in absorbing iron into the body.

2.Promotes Digestion

2 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeDid you know that there are mentions in Ayurveda about copper? It claims that drinking water from a copper vessel will cleanse your stomach and also helps to reduce inflammation in the stomach. It also cures stomach ulcers or cures stomach infections and all this promote good and healthy digestion.

3.Fights Cancer

3 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeLoaded with several anti-oxidants, copper for those many not be aware of actually helps to fight cancer. Most people believe it has an anti-cancer effect as it regulates cancer-causing agents and prevents their multiplication and the spread in the body.

4.Great for Skin

4 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper helps in the formation of new blood cells in the body. Hence, it enhances your skin and makes it look healthier. It also makes your skin smoother and shinier.

5.Helps in Weight Loss

5 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper is famous for breaking down fat efficiently. Drinking water stored in Copper utensils will help you in dissolving excess fats stored in your body. But, ensure you are not consuming too much as it might poison your body.

6.Balances Hypertension

6 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper can help to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is important for the regularization of blood levels and it is also known that you might be suffering from hypertension if you have a copper deficiency in your body. Hence, drinking water off a copper vessel helps you fight this.

7.Prevents Infections

7 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper, as we all know, is a natural anti-biotic. The sterilizing effects of the metals help in killing the bacteria effectively. Thus, copper becomes one of the easiest and cheapest ways to purify water. Water in copper bottles or vessels, help in destroying diseases like diarrhoea and jaundice.

8.Helps the Cardiovascular System

8 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper helps to clean and dilate the blood vessels. This, in turn, helps in a steady flow of blood to the heart and the arteries. Research also suggests that copper deficiency might lead to improper functioning of the blood vessels and hence leads to the insufficient circulation of blood to the body.

9.Anti-ageing Agent

9 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper, as mentioned earlier is an anti-oxidant. It oxidizes, rejuvenates and gives a glow to your skin. It also helps in the formation of new skin cells making your skin brighter and healthier. All these benefits have made copper a common name in the beauty and skincare industry today.

10.Helps In Treatment

10 Is Drinking Out Of A Copper Bottle SafeCopper is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. Hence it helps in boosting your immune system. It helps in aiding any sorts of joint aches and strengthens the overall health of bones.

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