10 Best Cafes In Hyderabad You Must Visit This Monsoon Season

The monsoon season is here, and so are the heavy rains, during this time of the year, one of the best things that you can do is go out and have a great cup of coffee and a peaceful environment to really experience the best of monsoon, Hyderabad is home to some amazing cafes which not only have great coffee, but a beautiful ambiance and amazing food too, so let’s take a look at some of the best cafes that you should definitely visit this monsoon:-

Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup is famous for its beautifully brewed coffees and breakfast platters, the amazing ambiance and a collection of a number of games and books will make your visit worthwhile, there are also live music and standup comedy events done throughout the month which you shouldn’t miss.

The Roastery Coffee House

This place is actually a bungalow turned into a coffee shop located in Banjara  Hills, it has a home-like atmosphere and there’s plenty of greenery around for nature lovers, the menu is full of robust coffee flavors and delicious food, this place is a must if you love some good coffee.

Chai Kahani

Chai Kahani is a safe haven for tea lovers, with multiple branches around the city, this café has become quite popular. It has become a common hangout spot for teenagers, their tea list contains many different flavors, something which chia freaks will absolutely love and they also offer all-day breakfast.

Karachi Café

Karachi café is a Parsi Café with a vintage ambiance, it has one of the best Irani Chai in the town, and the old nostalgic ambiance will take you back in time and make you reminisce about the old times.

Chit Chat Chai

Located in Jubilee Hills, Chit Chat chai offers a rooftop sitting and they have an impressive range of teas, from Chai Lattes, Tea Lemonades, to Iced Tea Frappes, and Cinnamon Tea, on top of that there’s live music, and Stand up comedy open mics happen here every Thursday at 8 Pm.

Autumn Leaf Café

You will love this place if you are a nature lover, this place doesn’t feel like a café, it feels like a garden where you get amazing beverages and food. The ambiance is peaceful and lovely here, and you will definitely enjoy the vibes it gives out.

Driven Café

Located in the Financial district, Driven Cage provides you an authentic immersive experience, the rustic ambiance will keep glued to the place and the variety of teas and coffee will make your outing a memorable one.

Heart Cup Coffee

One of the most vibrant places in Hyderabad, Heart Cup has everything that you would want from a café, amazing food, live music, alcohol, and ambient lighting. They have a bunch of exotic dishes and some of the best teas and coffee you will taste.

Beyond Coffee

Beyond coffee is known for its taste and flavor, the relaxing ambiance only adds to the amazing taste. The menu has varieties of coffee, exotic teas, smoothies, mocktails, soup, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, pasta, and dessert.


One of the most relaxing and refreshing experiences in the town, kaficko provides you an amazing environment for you to enjoy your food and drinks, there’s open-air seating, surrounded by greenery and a number of books and games present for you to enjoy.

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