10 Best romantic Getaways for your Honeymoon


Honeymoon is probably one of the last excitement many of us will have in our late twenties. We definitely want it to be a perfect destination to enjoy with our partner. So, out of the many romantic places on this planet, what could be the best idea than going to an island? It is a must visit once in a lifetime. Here are the some most romantic islands from all over the world. Select your destination and take your honey there. 😉

1. Bali Islandislands

It is the Island and the province of Indonesia. This area has the highest biodiversity of the marine species. It is one of the best islands in the world. Its main attractions are different and sophisticated art forms such as painting and sculptures. The most suitable time to visit this island lies between May to September.

2. Santorini Islandislands

It is the island in the Southern Aegean Sea near the south land of Greece. It has varieties of cuisines like Brantada, Koskosela, Santorinio Sfougato and Melitinia (it is typically a dessert). The best time to visit this island is in June to September.

3. Fiji Islandislands

It is an island country in Melanesia. It is the most developed economic in the Pacific due to forest, mineral and fish sources. Scuba diving is the most common tourist activity. The best time to visit this island is May to October.

4. Hawaiian Islandsislands

It is the island in North Pacific Ocean. Earlier, this island was known to Europeans and Americans and they called them as “Sandwich Islands”. They have lush green area and lovely beaches.

5. Bermuda Islandislands

It is a British Overseas Territory in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. It’s culture is the mixture source due to its population. It also features pink beaches and houses. You can visit at the month of May to September.

6. British Virgin Islandislands

It is a British Overseas Territory and located in Carribean. It is the constitute of U.S. Virgin Island and Spanish Virgin Islands. The best attraction here is the white sand beaches. You can go around in the month of December to April.

7. Praslin Islandislands

It is the second largest Island of Seychelles. It is the tourist destination island with number of hotels, resorts and beaches. You can visit in May to September.

8. Bora Bora Islandislands

It is the Island in the Leeward group in the Pacific Ocean. The place is allure with a great french touch. The best month to celebrate your holiday is in May to October.

9. Madeira Islandislands

It is the North Atlantic Ocean and slightly south of Portugal. They have tempting beaches and filled with lush green area. You can visit it in May to September

10. Aitutaki Islandislands

It is traditionally known as Araura and Utataki. It is one of the cook island. The main specialty is the coconut lined beaches and mountains. You can visit it in the month of May to October.

Now, take a leave from your work and pack up your bags. Book your tickets for you favourite Islands