10 Cleanest Railway Stations In India

In 2015, The Ministry Of Railways launched “Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat” campaign, to improve the conditions of trains and stations, The railways has about 8,000 stations which are classified into seven categories — A1, A, B, C, D, E and F based on their annual passenger revenue.

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation surveyed 407 major railway stations in India for cleanliness ranking, In 2019, the number was increased to 720, and It was reported that Rajasthan has seven out of the top 10 most clean railway stations in India while Tamil Nadu has 6 out of 10 dirtiest stations, We have made a list of the cleaning Railway Stations In India, Let’s take a look at them:-

1) Jaipur (Rajasthan)

1 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaOut of the 720 Railway Stations covered all over the country, The Jaipur railway station was ranked as the cleanest in the country, according to a report conducted Jaipur scored the highest, with 931.75 marks out of 1000. A survey was conducted based on different parameters and factors, which included waste management, drinking water, availability and cleanliness of toilets, and sanitation management. Several bottle crushing machines were also planted at Jaipur Junction and Gandhinagar Jaipur stations to treat the plastic usage.

2) Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

2 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaJodhpur bagged the position of second place as the cleanest railway stations in the country, in regards to drinking water and sanitation, jodhpur was awarded the first prize, Over 150 workers work in shifts to main cleanliness in the station, the station also has 27 machines to keep everything clean and tidy, the station has a strict policy of throwing the waste in the allotted dustbins, and have even installed toilets in the parking lot to keep the station clean

3) Durgapura (Rajasthan)

3 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaThe Durgapur Railway Station was ranked third in the Swachh Rail, Swachh Bharat 2019 survey about the cleanliness of railway stations, the station is located approximately 8 km from Jaipur railway station, this also made the station the 3rd railway station in Rajasthan to be in the Top 3 cleanest railway stations in India according to the survey which was conducted among 720 railway station across India.

4) Jammu Tawai (Jammu)

4 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaOne of the most popular railways station in the country, the Jammy Tawai railway station located in the Jammu region is also among the top cleanest railway stations, According to a survey conducted by Quality Council of India, the Jammu Tawai railway station occupied the fourth spot, among the 720 railway stations,

5) Gandhinagar-jp (Rajasthan)

5 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaGandhi Nagar Jaipur railway station located in Bajaj Nagar area mainly caters to the southern areas of the city. What makes the railway station unique is that it the first all-women operated railway station in India, the step was taken to empower the women of India, the station offers several features like waiting seats, clean toilets, wheel-chair, Digital information screen, parking. The railway station was ranked 5th in the Top 10 cleanest railway stations in India.

6) Suratgarh (Rajasthan)

6 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaThe Suratgarh railway station is one of the major railway stations in Rajasthan, the station lies on the Jodhpur–Bathinda line and is well connected to the rest of India, the station was heavily criticized for having poor facilities like lacking proper water and sanitation, but that has now changed and the Suratgarh station is now one of the cleanest stations in the country and bagged the 6th place in the Top 10 cleanest railway stations in India last year.

7) Vijayawada Junction railway station (Vijayawada)

7 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaThe Vijayawada Railway Station, which is situated at the Howrah-Chennai and New Delhi–Chennai main lines is the fourth busiest railway station in the country with over 1.40 lakhs passengers travelling every day, the station has over 180 express and 150 freight trains which operate every day, the Vijayawada railway station is the only railway station from South India to feature in the top 10 cleanest railway stations, the Quality Council Of India gave Vijayawada a score of 908.81, earning it the place of 7th in the cleanest railway stations in India.

8) Udaipur City (Rajasthan)

8 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaLocated in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the Udaipur City railway station is situated around 2.5 km from the city, and consists of six platforms and a total of eight tracks, it is the main railway station of Udaipur, and as Udaipur is a prominent tourist destination, the railway station remains busy as several tourists come here to explore the beauty of the city, the station offers facilities like waste management, availability of dustbins and washrooms, track management, waiting rooms etc. In the A-1 category of stations, Udaipur railway station was ranked 8th on the list.

9) Ajmer (Rajasthan)

9 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaSituated in the heart of the city, the Ajmer Junction Railway Station is an important station, around 241 trains pass through Ajmer Railway Station every day, the station offers several facilities like ATMs, information kiosks, LCD screens, internet cafes and TV advertising panels. The Quality Control of India gave the station a score of 905.77 out of 1000, making it the 9th cleanest railway station in the country.

10) Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

10 Cleanest Railway Stations In IndiaOne of the oldest railway stations in India, The Haridwar Railway station first connected with railways, via Laksar, through branch line in 1886, it is one of the main railheads of the Northern Railway Zone and is connected by broad gauge lines. The quality Control Of India spent 2 days observing the station, evaluating basic facilities and cleanliness, Haridwar scored a total of 902.63 points out of 1000, giving it the 10th spot, which is a huge improvement from the year before in which their rank was 36.

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