WTC Final 2023: 10 Epic Rivalries Between India Vs Australian Players Is Treat To Watch In This WTC Final

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WTC Final 2023: 10 Epic Rivalries Between India Vs Australian Players Is Treat To Watch In This WTC Final

The stage is set at The Oval for an enthralling battle as two cricketing powerhouses, India and Australia, lock horns in the highly anticipated final of the World Test Championship in 2023. As the pinnacle of Test cricket, the WTC Final brings together the best teams in the world, showcasing the true essence of the longest format of the game. Amidst the larger context of team strategies and collective efforts, the importance of individual matchups cannot be understated. These one-on-one duels between players from both sides often prove to be decisive factors in shaping the outcome of the match. In the context of the WTC Final between India and Australia, each matchup will carry immense weight. The battle between batsmen and bowlers from these cricketing giants will be a spectacle to behold, as the likes of Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara, Pat Cummins, and Mitchell Starc take center stage. In the cauldron of the WTC Final, these matchups will have a defining impact on the fortunes of the teams, ultimately shaping the destiny of the coveted championship. Here are the top 10 match-ups in the WTC Final 2023.

1. David Warner VS Ashwin

The clash between Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin and Australian batsman David Warner has been a captivating contest that has taken place across different cricket formats throughout the years. In test cricket, Warner has a modest average of 17.6 against Ashwin, who has managed to dismiss him 11 times. Warner has accumulated 194 runs from 428 balls at a strike rate of 45 against Ashwin. This highly anticipated battle is one that fans should be excited about in the upcoming WTC Final.

2. Rohit Sharma vs Pat Cummins

The encounter between Indian batsman Rohit Sharma and Australian fast bowler Pat Cummins sets the stage for an exhilarating showdown between two exceptional players in their respective roles. When Rohit Sharma takes on Pat Cummins, it transforms into a challenging battle pitting a top-class batsman against an elite fast bowler. Against Cummins, Sharma has recorded a score of 109 runs at a respectable strike rate of 70. Rohit Sharma, the captain, holds an average of 36 against Pat Cummins in the test format. Cummins has managed to dismiss Rohit on three occasions in test cricket. It remains to be seen who will gain the upper hand in this thrilling clash between two captains.

3. Steve Smith VS Ravindra Jadeja

The matchup between Steve Smith, renowned for his unorthodox batting technique, exceptional concentration, and field manipulation skills, and Ravindra Jadeja, known for his accurate and consistent bowling, presents an intriguing contest. In this battle, Jadeja aims to exploit Smith’s unique technique and find ways to dismiss him. In the longer format, Sir Ravindra Jadeja has successfully dismissed Steve Smith on seven occasions. Smith, on the other hand, has scored 232 runs off Jadeja at a strike rate of only 34 and an average of 33. This underrated matchup in test cricket promises an exciting encounter.

4. Virat Kohli VS Nathon Lyon

The clash between Virat Kohli and Nathan Lyon brings forth an intriguing battle between a legendary batsman and a skilled off-spinner. Kohli has consistently displayed his proficiency in facing spin bowling throughout his career. Their on-field encounters have witnessed Kohli’s success against Lyon, as he has accumulated runs and delivered memorable innings. The King of Cricket has scored an impressive 511 runs off Lyon’s bowling at a strike rate of 51, with an average of 73. This highly anticipated battle between the two is set to unfold on the occasion of the WTC Final, promising an exciting spectacle on the field.

5. Usman Khawaja VS Siraj

In terms of the specific matchup between Siraj’s bowling and Khawaja’s batting, it would be an interesting battle. Siraj’s ability to swing the ball and generate bounce could pose a challenge for Khawaja. He has shown great control over his line and length, and his pace variations make him a challenging bowler to face. They both didn’t play much cricket against each other, but the face-off between the in-form players is going to be interesting. Siraj dismissed Khawaja only once in test cricket.

6. Cheteshwar Pujara VS Pat Cummins

When Pujara faces Cummins, it becomes a contest between Pujara’s defensive technique and Cummins’ ability to generate bounce and movement. Pujara’s patience and ability to leave balls outside the off-stump can frustrate Cummins, as he relies on inducing false shots and forcing batsmen into errors. However, Cummins’ accuracy and skill in hitting the right lengths can test Pujara’s solidity and make it difficult for him to score freely. Cummins dismissed Pujara 7 times in test cricket. Pujara played 513 dot balls against Pat Cummins. Cummins’ patience will be tested. Pujara scored 172 runs at an average of just 24 against The Australian Captain.

7. Shubman Gill VS Mitchell Starc

The Prince of Indian Cricket has dominated Mitchell Starc in test cricket. He scored 130 runs from just 140 balls against Starc. Gill’s average against Starc is infinity. Shubman Gill possesses an elegant batting technique and has shown the ability to play pace effectively. He has displayed composure at the crease and the capability to score runs with a range of shots. Gill’s ability to handle the swinging ball and play with control will be crucial in countering Starc’s aggression in the WTC Final.

8. Ajinkya Rahane VS Nathon Lyon

Rahane’s average against Lyon is 33 in test cricket. Rahane scored 338 runs against Lyon in test cricket and Lyon dismissed Rahane 10 times in this format. Rahane is known for his solid technique. He plays with soft hands and uses his feet well against spinners. Rahane is also capable of playing attacking shots and rotating the strike, which can help him disrupt Lyon’s rhythm and put pressure back on Lyon. The matchup between Rahane and Lyon would be fascinating. Both players have proven themselves at the international level, and the outcome would depend on their execution and ability to adapt to the conditions on the day.

9. Travis Head VS Shami

When Head faces Shami’s bowling, it becomes a contest between Head’s aggressive intent and Shami’s ability to outfox batsmen with his pace and movement. Head’s attacking mindset may lead him to take on Shami’s bowling, looking for scoring opportunities. However, Shami’s ability to generate movement and hit the right areas can create difficulties for Head if he fails to judge the deliveries correctly. Head may struggle against Shami’s reverse-swinging balls. Shami dismissed Head thrice in test cricket. Head averages just 27 against Shami.

10. Marnus Labuschange VS Ravindra Jadeja

The battle between Ravindra Jadeja and Marnus Labuschagne will be a challenging one. Jadeja is known for his accuracy. His variations could pose a challenge for Labuschagne, especially if there is turn and bounce on offer. Labuschagne can sometimes be vulnerable early in his innings, especially against spinners. If Labuschagne can read Jadeja’s variations early and make use of his footwork to get to the pitch of the ball, he can neutralize the spin and score runs. Jaddu dismissed Labuschagne 5 times in tests. Marnus just scored 97 runs at an average of 19 against Jaddu. These stats show Jaddu’s dominance over the Australian batsman.

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