10 Foods To Shop During The Quarantine And Lockdown!

We all are house bound or under lockdown for a couple of weeks to fight COVID-19 disease. The lockdown definitely came as a sudden surprise for most of us, what’s likely is that your trips to grocery stores of vegetable markets will now be limited or in worst case scenario, stopped.
But, do you have to panic buy the entire store? No, you don’t have to. Can you cook yourselves a nutritious and delicious meal during a lockdown? Of course, you can. It might look difficult, but it is not impossible to have a complete meal during times like this. And, for this you do not even have to buy off an entire store. There will be transportation of vegetables and groceries so we’d suggest you do not buy everything in excess and waste the food away.
But, we did list down some essential food items that you must keep in your drawers and refrigerators. So, here are 10 food items you need during a lockdown.


1 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreThe best part about eggs is that they are inexpensive and they also do not rot. So, they will last for a longer period. Also, the possibilities of making several kinds of dishes with eggs are many. You can keep experimenting with them and you shall never get bored.


2 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreOats are nutritious and there are several ways to use oats. You can have them for breakfasts, lunch or dinner. They can be made into Oatmeal, Oats Khichdi or even Oats Pulao. And, there are several types of masala oats available in markets which are easy to cook and taste great too.


3 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreIf you think, you can no longer experiment with your breakfasts, then do not panic as we have the best option for you. Cereal are healthy and often are believed to promote weight loss. So try eating cereal with milk or a bowl of fruits and your mornings are good to go.

4.Legume and Beans

4 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreOn your next trip to a grocery store, reach out for legumes and beans. They are healthy, long-lasting and provide your body with all the nutrients that you need. You can make several varieties of dals and curries with them. Hence, your options are never running-out with them.

5.Maggi and Pastas

5 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreThere is no better food than a packet of maggi during a lockdown. Pastas are also a great option to choose. Just pick your favourite maggi or pasta and cook it when you are too lazy to prepare a meal. Hey, cheating during a lockdown is also allowed, nai?


6 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreWhat is point of visiting a grocery store if you do not buy any vegetables? Buy try to buy vegetables which might last for a longer time like potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroots or cabbage. These will not rot or go stale easily and hence will make your life easier.


Fruits are surely the healthiest form of snacking. So there is no doubt that you must stock them up in your homes. The best part about fruits is that you can make juices out of them and keep yourselves hydrated for the summer. Also, try shopping more of apples, pomegranates or oranges which have a longer life when compared to other fruits.


8 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreBread is what we all crave for and honestly serve it to us for any meal and we are okay with it. Sandwiches, Bread Omelettes, Bread Upma, the variants you can eat with bread are simply varied. Or just spread your favourite jam or favourtite flavour of butter or cheese and you are good to go.

9.Milk, Coffee and Tea

9 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreFor most Indians, our days do not start until we have a cup of tea or coffee. So, it is obvious that we will stock ourselves with coffee and tea packets. But ensure you do not over-shop and leave nothing for others. Also, try to buy tetra packets for milk as they tend to last for longer time.

10.Popcorn and Chocolate

10 Top 10 Foods You Need To StoreYes, you need snacks. But does it always have to be junk or unhealthy? While, we are not against you buying chips, we’d recommend you eat healthy snacks as you do not want to harm your immune system. And, is there anything better than popcorn? So, buy yourselves your favourite flavours of popcorn and keep munching. Also, buy yourselves some chocolate which will make your mood better when you are feeling low.

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