10 movies that are 21 years old and are still amazing!


Movies are the best things. They give us inspiration, entertainment, happiness, best pastimes, and whatnot. And enni years aina kuda there are movies that still remain awesome and no other movie has come up as good as them.

Here are 10 movies from 1996 that are some amazing ones..

1. Little Soldiers1_11years2. Gulabi2_11years3. Ninne Pelladatha3_11years4. Saahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya4_11years5. Police Story5_11years16. Bala Ramayanam6_11years17. Bharateeyudu7_11years8. Prema Desam8_11years9. Dharma Chakram9_11years110. Bhamane Satyabhama10_11years