10 Reasons Why Age Is Just A Number When You’re In Love

Prema ki vayasu tho em pani…….. Dialogue, concept rendu pathave, but feeling mathram eppatikappudu fresh ee. Emotional maturity ki age tho em sambandam undadu. If meeku mee partner ki age gap ekkuva undi anukondi, this thing gets more fun and exciting. Here’s

Why the relationship with an age gap is exciting:

1. Two different worlds ni oke sari enjoy cheyachu.

Age Is Just A Number

Mee iddari idea of fun complete ga different ga untundi. Anduke okari company okariki bore kottadu.

2. Eppudanna emotional ga low ga unnappudu, you have an awesome person to motivate you.

Age Is Just A Number

Manakante munde vaallu aa situation ni face chesi untaru. So, they can help us better with such situations.

3. Basically, relationships lo love mathrame kakunda, maturity kuda chala avasaram. Eppudanna meru stubborn ga unna, mee partner mimmalni baga handle cheyyagalugutharu.

Age Is Just A Number

Mimmalni antha baga handle chese partner dorikinanduku, you’ll be thankful to your destiny.

4. Iddarilo okkariki anna ego thakkuva untundi. At least when compared to other.
So, godava padinappudu first evaru matladali ane problem ee undadu. The first step theskunedi evaru anedi always decided.

Age Is Just A Number5. If one of you is being indecisive, the other has got their back. When things go haywire, they are not the ones who will chicken out.

Age Is Just A Number6. He/she will show you places you never thought existed.

Age Is Just A Number

Get ready to expect the unexpected. From cheeky little restaurants to weekend gateways that they’ve frolicked to in their younger years, they’ll be reintroducing you to fun on a whole new level.

7. You get to experience music and art from a different era.

Age Is Just A Number

They might or might not share the same taste in music but will surely introduce you to some of the classics that will change your world forever.

8. You will learn to appreciate each other’s flaws. Because they understand that nobody is perfect.

Age Is Just A Number9. They will give you a slightly new perspective on everything. Trying things differently once in a while hurt nobody, right?

Age Is Just A Number

10. You’d be a part of an extended social circle.
Now just imagine meeting a bunch of people as adorable as your ‘BAE’

Age Is Just A Number

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