10 Telugu Movies Of 2022 Which Left Huge Losses For Producers & Distributors

2022 lo RRR, F3,SVP, Bheemla & Major lanti cinema tappa peddaga commercial success aina movies eh levu. Almost 50+ movies release aithe indulo hit aina cinema 10 lope and migatha movies anni assam eh. Yes, Radhe Shyam lanti Pan-India movie nundi recent ga occhina Thank You movie varaku 2022 Telugu movies producers and distributors ki huge losses ni tecchi pettayi.

Here’s A List Of Telugu Movies Of 2022, Which Left Huge Losses For Producers & Distributors

1. Radhe Shyam

Business: 200Cr
Share Collected: 86 Cr
Loss: 114Cr

2. Ghani

Business: 25cr
Share Collected: 5 Cr
Loss: 20cr

3. Khiladi

Business: 23cr
Share Collected: 10 Cr
Loss: 13Cr

4. Aacharya

Business: 134cr
Share Collected: 46Cr
Loss: 88Cr

5. Aadavallu Meeku Joharlu

Business: 16.5 Cr
Share Collected: 7 Cr
Loss: 9 Cr

6. Ante Sundaraniki

Business: 31cr
Share Collected: 21Cr
Loss: 10Cr

7. Sebastian

Business: 7cr
Share Collected: 0.95 Cr
Loss: 6cr

8. Virata Parvam

Business: 13.6Cr
Share Collected:
Loss: 9.2cr

9. The Warrior

Business: 40Cr
Share Collected: 22 Cr
Loss: 18Cr

10. Thank You

Business: 24Cr
Share Collected: 6Cr
Loss: 18Cr

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