Chandrayaan2 to Disha – 10 Things in 2019 Which Shook Us & Grabbed The Attention Of Entire Nation


2019 ee year lo historic incidents enni jarigayo…entire nation ni kudipesina things kuda anthe jarigayi. Chandrayaan2 mission fail avvadam entire nation from PM MOdi to common man varaki mana ISRO ki icchina support, some years nundi pending lo unna sensitive Ayodhya-Babri issue ki Supreme icchina verdict and Year ending lo nation motthani ni shook chesina #Disha incident.

Ila ee year nation development lo entha munduku velthundo cheppadame kadu Women Safety, Mob Lynchings, Caste Dicrimination and Economy downfall lo entha venaka padi pothunnamo cheppayi.

Ee things anni 2019 rewind lo once chuseddam …!

1. Chandrayaan 2 – Issue Which united the entire nation !

Chandrayaan2One of the most prestigious projects for India Space Research Organisation ISRO. Everyone from PM Modi, Celebs, Politicians, Cricketers to Common man in every corner united and supported our ISRO scientist efforts and supported them like person in a family.

2. Ayodhya Verdict – Historic Verdict By

Ayodhya VerdictBabri Masjid, Ram Janma Bhumi two sensitive religious issues i grew up watching political debates in Televisions, News papers since ages and thought there is end card for this issue. Yes right after our Supreme Court passed historic verdict on this issue without hurting any religion.

3. Economy – The Downfall of Indian Economy

Indian EconomyEconomy is the thing which every common of the nation are worried about but not our beloved Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Central Governments are so much focused on other things.

4. Balakot Strike – Indian Army Counter Attack on Terrorism

Balakot StrikeWell, We all fed up with our fellow nation terror attacks on us and condolences to Jawans and their families routine thing we get to see after attack. But, this time it is Indian Army gave befitting reply with Balakot Surgical Strike by crossing the borders and shut terror camps like never before.

Poor Pak, tried to blame us in front of International Media but they couldn’t.

5. Abhinandan Varthaman – Nation Praised his Heroic Efforts

Abhinandan VarthamanDear Pak Army, yes you caught him, thrashed him left and right, and made a video of him, cracked Tea jokes on him but end of the day….he is our hero, he returned to mother land like a hero with pride.

6. Kabir Singh: Violence, Toxic Masculinity and Why Don’t You See It As A Movie !

Kabir SinghThis is the one Bollywood movie which shooked Bollywood movie lovers like never before. Movie led war between two groups, one who thrashed and criticised movie for Violence, Toxic Masculinity and Self Destruction etc, etc.

And the other side movie got huge support and love, like what actually a movie deserves with first 100 crore club movie for super talented actor like Shahid Kapoor.

7. Cricket World Cup 2019: Indian Cricket Team was Onestep close to another historic movement but ended up sadly

Cricket World Cup 2019Cricket is one thing which uniting our entire nation since decades and it will be. And if it is Mega Cricket Tournament, undoubtedly Indian go crazy for all the right reasons. And it happened this year too …all thought IndianCricket Team will recreate the madness by lifting the World Cup for the third time.

But Indian Team ended up with Semifinals after they lost to New Zealand and most heart wrenching thing is watching our M.S. Dhoni cried after his dismissal.

8. Disha & Unnao Incidents – Is India Safe for Women ?

DishaNot Economy, Not Education, Not Development… our nation is all worried about only one thing Women Safety and Protection. Undoubtedly this two incidents proved that women is not at all safe, and Indian is not a safe place for Women even after 70 Years of Independence. Harsh but True !

9. Death Sentence to Nirbhaya Case Accused

Nirbhaya CaseDisha incident or Unnao incident, i don’t know which one made our judicial system, politicians, law punishing ‘Nirbhaya Accused Persons’ after 7 years of rape not why not before.

Really, confused about is death sentence issued only to divert people from Unnao incident or what ?

10. On A Fun Note: Onion Prices – Who Cares ?

Onion PricesThis time not Rohit Sharma but Onions who made maiden Double Century !

Yaar ! Onion Prices definitely the thing i want to mention this point in the article after our beloved Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, made comments on Onion Prices like Who Cares.

End Note:

Mera Bharat Mahan – Okay I Agree !


Mera Bharat Mahhan, because we live in a society and country where girls gets raped and we search for her rape video on Porn Sites and made it trending #hashtag on porn sites to. Rest in Peace Society and Mera Bharat Mahan, I Agree !