10 Things only a Daddy’s girl will relate to


For all the happy girls out there, surely your daddy is your hero, friend, guide, bestie and everything in this world. For all such girls, everything that they do is somehow related to your fathers.

Are you also one such girl?? Then, here are the things you would agree to:

1. You and dad have jokes to laugh about that no one else around you both will be able to understanddaddy's girl

2. You are a tough girl to be pleased! Daddy laaga manalni evaru happy ga unchaleru. So chaala kashtam kada manam impress avvadam.daddy's girl

3. Bayataki ekkadki vellalanna first daddy free unara ani adugutham.daddy's girl

4. You need any advice, go to your pappa!daddy's girl

5. Your father’s birthday is the biggest occasion in the world.daddy's girl

6. At any party, he is the first one you will dance with.daddy's girl

7. At your house, you and your dad are together a gang against your mom and your brother.7 - gang

8. Manam holi roju entha chandalanga unna kuda..daddy always finds us the most beautiful person in the world.8 - holi

9. We love wearing daddy’s clothes at home.9 - daddy clothes

10. There is a nickname that your dad calls you with and you love it so much that evaru aa peru tho pilavadhu!10 - nick name