10 things people who love sleeping will truly understand


Pillow or bed or bedroom chudagaane anytime, anyplace nidrostunda?? If anyone asked you what is your favorite pastime, did you ever say it was sleeping? Is sleep your one and only true love??
Ee questions ki YES ane answer osthe, then this article is for you!!!

1. When people ask what do you want to have with coffee or tea and usual answers be like bread or biscuits, we answer a pillow and comforter!1sleep

2. You would never want to study for exams in your room with the bed around!2sleep

3. They say, dream big! And we do the same, but we dream for a longer time 😛3sleep

4. Happiness for us would be, not having to set an alarm for the next day!4sleep

5. Exercising early morning is a difficult task for us. Because our morning never really happens early.5sleep

6. And there are times when we have to listen to our mother shouting that this is not the correct routine that should happen after marriage!!!!! Seriously moms out there, pelli ki and nidra ki what sambandham??6sleep

7. Manam leshna ventane the amount of aakali is incredible and sometimes we end up eating so much that we fall asleep right after eating.7sleep

8. Our pappas will have a new aim for their lives. Manalni lepaniki they do all things possible and prati roju kottadaniki try chestharu.8sleep

9. Phones ochina or msgs ochina kuda manam levalani ankunnapude lestham.9sleep

10. You often try to break your own record of the longest amount of time you have slept.10sleep