10 Things the middle class side of us and our families do.


Money ni sampadinchadam entha kashtamo telisina vaallu are more towards saving them. Prati chinna paisa kuda ela save cheyyochu ani aalochistham. So alanti mana minds ki kinda unna thoughts definite ga oche untay.

1. Electricity ni save cheyyaniki, intlo khaali ga unappudu we all sit in the same room.1 - Sitting In One Room

2. Remote battery cover karaab avvodhu ani daaniki chaaala layers of plastic cover estham and seal them with plasters.2 - Remote Covering

3. Mana intlo unde colorful crockery antha guests occhinapude..vere times lo use chesthe kaallu virichestharu.3 - Colorful crockery

4. Toothpaste ni complete ga ela vaadalo ask our mothers.4 - Tooth Paste

5. Manaki evaro icchina gifts ni rewrap chesi vere vaallaki gift cheyyadam anedi manam kacchitanga experience chesi untam.5 - Gift Wrap

6. Plastic covers ni mottham oka master plastic bag lo petti save chestham. Okkati kuda empty ga padeyyam.6 - plastic Covers

7. Every health problem has only 1 solution. CROCIN. Doctor daggarki velthe ekkuva money waste.7 - Crocin

8. Fighting for the remote is the biggest war that takes place at home.8 - Fighting For Remote

9. Lights or fan on chesthe we are done mana mother chethilo.9 - Lights And Fans

10. Bargaining is in our blood.10 - Bargaining