10 Times when we wouldn’t do good without our bestie!!!


We all have that one best friend who is someone we rely on. Manaki elanti problem or elanti happiness ochina.. this person ki cheppalsinde.

Here are those situations that make us want to be without bestie.
1. Manaki evaranna nacharu and we need to know if he is the right person.1.-Manaki-evaranna-nacharu
2. During the hard times of our breakup2.-During-the-hard-times
3. When you are cheated by anyone at college!!!!3.-When-you-are-cheated
4. When you need to shop badly!4.-When-you-need
5. When we are guilty of certain things and need to confess it to someone who can help is deal with it.5.-When-we-are-guilty-of-certain
6. When we need someone to complain about mana bossy managers.6.-When-we-need-someone-to-complain
7. Edaina big day and we need some confidence, vaallaki call cheyyali kachitanga!7.-Edaina-big-day
8. When no one understands your mood swings.8.-When-no-one-understand
9. When you feel that you need to be with someone who can make you feel really special.9-When-you-feel-that-you
10. Manalni mana laage undanichevaallu kavalani unapudu.10.-Manalni-mana