10 Unique Records Of MS Dhoni In IPL That Proves His Legacy

Danny Morrison: Could this be your last game in yellow?

Dhoni: Definitely Not!

Definitely Not! This was the reply that has kept our hope back then, and really hope, this might not be Dhoni’s last IPL match.

If this is really his last match, hope he leaves the IPL with another trophy.

So in this article, we will cover IPL records that MS Dhoni holds that are impossible for other players to break.

1. Only player to hit a Half-century batting at five different positions in the IPL

2. Only player to hit more than 500+ runs in the 20th over in the IPL

3. Only Captain to win 100+ games in the history of the IPL.

4. MS Dhoni as a captain has the highest wins in IPL

5. The only IPL captain to lead his team into 12 playoffs in the IPL.

6. Most matches as captain in IPL.

7. MS Dhoni was the first Indian player to win an IPL trophy in 2010.

8. MS Dhoni was the first captain to win two consecutive IPL trophies in 2010 & 2011.

9. MS Dhoni is the first player to smash more than 4000 runs as captain in IPL.

10. The only captain that led his team to 10 IPL finals.

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