10 Of Our Superstars Who Hit The 100th Mark Movie


Our superstar didn’t become the superstars they are today over night. They have been successful all through their career even though they faced failures and glitches all through their career. Yet, the superstars whom we talk of now have all managed to touch the 100th film mark. Touching this milestone is definitely not a cake walk, it has a lifetime dedication with perseverance that went into making their career that is now boastful.

We might have not noticed, but here are the 100th movie of our South Indian stars.

Rajinikanth – Sri Raghavendra

Rajinikanth - Sri Raghavendra

NTR – Narthanasala

NTR - Narthanasala

Krishna – Alluri Sitaramaraju

Krishna - Alluri Sitaramaraju

Mohanlal – Pappan Priyappetta Pappan

Mohanlal - Pappan Priyappetta Pappan

Kamal Haasan – Raja Paarvai

Kamal Haasan - Raja Paarvai

MGR – Oli Villakku

MGR - oli villakku

Gemini Ganeshan – Navaratri

gemini Ganeshan - Navaratri

Chiranjeevi – Trinetrudu

Chiranjeevi - Trinetrudu

Balakrishna – Gautamiputra Shayakarna

Balakrishna - Gautami putra satkarni