11 Times Trivikram Brought The Best Out Of Sunil

In reply to whether a replacement for Sunil among the Telugu comedians will be met by anyone, Sunil said, ‘there will be hundreds coming into the industry like me, anyone could replace me. But, he needs to have a friend like Trivikram’

This one reply is adequate to clarify what bond the writer-actor friends share. When a witty friend gets an opportunity and sneaks to fit in his talented friend struggling along, you get an awesome result like Trivikram and Sunil. Trivikram knew the strengths of his friend, Sunil and utilized him aptly by fitting him where ever he could accommodate.

If Sunil was a breath of fresh air to the Telugu audience, equal credit should be given to Trivikram for creating those cute opportunities for his dear friend and giving him some of the best characters so far.

Here are those characters and I am sure you can look for yourself how crucial they were in shaping Sunil’s career from Chirunavvutho to Aravinda Sametha.

1. Chirunavvutho – Sunil

1 - sunil

2. Nuvvu Naaku Nachav – Banthi

2 - nuvvu naku nachav

3. Nuvve Nuvve – Pandu

3 - nuvve nuvve

4. Vasu – Balu

4 - vasu

5. Manmadhudu – Bunk Seenu

5 - bunk seenu

6. Athadu – Ramana

6 - athadu

7. Jai Chiranjeeva – Dhanushkoti.

7 - jai chiranjeevi

8. Jalsa – Seenu

8 - jalsa

9. Malliswari – Paddu.

9 - malleshwari

10. Khaleja – Babji

10 - khaleja

11. Nilambari – Aravinda Sametha.

11 - sunil

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