11 Abbreviations That We Often See On WhatsApp Convos & What They Actually Mean

IKR…OMW ilanti konni abbreviations manam regular ga Whatsapp chats lo…convos lo, groups lo chustuntamu. Aithe ee abbreviations ki kondariki meaning teliyadu…kondariki telisina ela use cheyyalo teliyadu.

Mari Ilanti Whatsapp Abbreviations and avi ela use cheyalo with examples ippudu chuseddam…

1. TBH, I hate the way you judge everyone.

2. They had a caj talk

3. An abbreviation often used when someone says what you think
She loves your outfit, IKR

4. Hey, how long will it takes for you to come?
I’m on my way

5. Would you let me know the solution to this problem?

6. They think that you are too naive to do this work

7. She looks good IRL

8. To be fair, he is very creative just need a little push

9. Are they going to get married?

10. She is a very enthusiastic woman

11. At the moment, I am a little busy.

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