11 Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad To Hang Out and Have Delicious Food

Hyderabad anagane manaki “Biryani” gurthosthundhi alane Ramzan season lo Haleem, climate cool ga unnappudu “Irani chai” ila e city lo food anagane konni standard items unnay! Aithe konni unknown places chala thakkuva cost tho chala varieties of food ni andhisthunnay. Meeru foodie aithe inka nen cheppanakarledhu… meeru ah places ki vellinappudu food ni entha enjoy chestharo! Inkendhuku late mari? Come let’s check out the list of places to eat that you can visit and freak out on some delicious food.

1. Bombay juice:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

It is a place which offers a variety of fresh fruit juices, snacks and chat items. General ga manam koti, abids lo oka rojantha shopping chesaka tired ga anipinchinappudu e place ki velthe you can eat some food which can energize you. You can try some vada pav, Sandwiches and Dubeli here.
Where: Krishna Ashray Building, Hanuman Tekdi, Sultan Bazaar, Koti, Hyderabad.

2. Momos point:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Manaki Hyderabad lo separate ga Momos stalls thakkuve. Dosa, Biryani, Chat, Chinese fast food dorikinantha ekkuvaga manaki Momos dhorakavu. Kani this is the best place if you are craving to have Momos in Hyderabad. Chicken steamed momo, chilli chicken momos, chicken fried momo, veg steamed momo…ila chala varieties ikkada untay! Chocolate freaks chocolate momo ni kuda try cheyyandi.
Where: Street no 8, Habsiguda, Hyderabad.

3. Lamakaan:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Art lovers’ aithe pakka e place ki vellalsindhe! Art ki food ki relation enti anukuntunnara? E place lo live stage shows, theatre, dance inka chala jaruguthay. Food tho patu ilanti programs ni kuda meeru enjoy cheyacchu. They have a cafeteria in this house. You can get some interesting snacks, tea/coffee, juices to rice, chicken & mutton curries and many more here. Samosas aithe definite ga e place lo try cheyyalsindhe.
Where: Road no 5, Near GVK one mall, Banjara hills, Hyderabad.

4. Tibbs Frankie:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Frankie idea, initial ga chala thakkuva places lo pitch chesi develop cheyyadam start chesaru. Vatillo “Tibbs Frankie” okati. Eppati nundo Frankies ni serve chesthunna place idhi. Their chicken tikka Frankie is to die for with some egg and caramelized onions inside. Absolutely low on the pocket and yet so yum!
Where: White House Building, Greenlands road, Beside Lifestyle, Begumpet, Hyderabad

5. Alpha Hotel:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

E place almost me andhariki thelise untundhi. “Biryani” thinalanukunte this will be the best place. Cost kuda chala reasonable, entha thinna inka thinalanipinche biryani meeku ikkada dhorukuthundhi.
Where: Opposite Railway station, Secunderabad, Hyderabad

6. King and cardinal:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Malls lo kakunda Burgers thinadaniki kottha place ki vellali, different ga try cheyyali anukune variki this will be the perfect place. E place eppudu students tho crowded untundhi because you find many schools and colleges around this place. One will find many students there feasting on their famous burgers. As this is their specialty, the vegetarian burger mainly is juicy and has a delicious mayonnaise spread which leaves you wanting for more!
Where: Pooja Manor, Next to Sony Centre, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad

7. Pakodi Factory:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Evening “Chai”times lo manaki pakodi perfect snack ani cheppocchu. Ikkada pakodi lo manaki chala varieties dhorukuthay. Onion, paneer and baby corn in veg to egg, chicken and fish in the non-veg sections are available at this place. Go and give a try and I am sure, you will never feel like leaving this place.
Where: Near YSR statue, opposite Midland Bakery, Ayyappa society, Madhapur, Hyderabad

8. Ram’s Dosa House:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Butter, Paneer dosas lantivi ikkada try cheyyandi. One of the most popular guys in town for their delicious dosas! Chinna midnight dosa place la start ayyi it got converted into a pretty decent restaurant in banjara hills.
Where: Banjara hills, Road No-14, Hyderabad.

9. Gokul Chat:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

E place ni “One of the most popular places for chat in Hyderbad” ani cheppocchu. Ikkada “Bhel puri” aithe city lo the best! Papdi chat and samosa ragda lanti items try cheyyalante this is the correct place. The place got burnt down once but it didn’t stop them from picking up and coming back with a bang!
Where: opposite Women’s College road, Koti, Hyderabad.

10. Wich please!

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

Sandwiches ante istapadani varu untara? These are very easy to make and also giving us the benefit of a low calorie diet. Veg sandwiches aithe ikkada chala famous. Don’t forget to try the Choco-wich sandwich when you visit!
Where: Vinayaka Nagar, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

11. Dimmy’s Pan shop:

Budget Friendly Places In Hyderabad

PAN is a tradition. If you have some late night cravings post dinner then head straight to this most happening place in the city. Pan okkate kakunda you can get chat, snacks and ice creams also.
Where: Sindhi Colony, RamGopalpet, Secunderabad and jubilee hills road no 36

So these are the list of some places where you can get delicious food in Hyderabad. Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comment and let me know if there are any other interesting places in Hyderabad where you get food for a reasonable cost!

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