11 Different Types Of Drivers We Come Across On Indian Roads

Indian roads lo car nadipiyyali ante road rules and vehicle management eh kaadu, we need to know a lot more. First of all, mana chuttu unna drivers gurinchi telsukovali. Vaallu ela nadispistunnaru ani telsukovali. Daani batti manam nadipiyyali. Edi nerchukunna nerchukokapoina, titttlu matram nerchkovali.

Here are a few types of drivers we encounter:

1. The Over Takers:

1 - Over Takers

They are on roads to only win a race that doesn’t exist. Oka 2 inches ahead unna chaalu, they are satisfied.

2. The Cutters:

2 - over takers

Ekkada gap dorkuthada, ekkada dooripodhama ane chustharu. Traffic lo two vehicles middle lo ki ochestharu and sometimes it becomes impossible for anyone to come out of it.

3. The Blamers:

3 - blammers

Vaallu tappulu entha unna parle, chuttu unna andarni blame chestharu.

4. The Galli-Knowledged Ones:

4 - galli

They know all the routes in the city and ekadanna vellali ante, they take you from the thinnest lanes and you reach the destination in the shortest possible route.

5. The Google Mappers:

5 - google mappers

Veellaki routes assalu telidu. Annitiki google maps chusi follow autharu.

6. The Music Lover:

6 - music lovers

Driving ela chesthado telidu kani, chuttu oka 3 lanes varaku kuda vinipisthadi the hard, irritating mad music.

7. The Turtle:

7 - the turtle

They go so slow that we feel like getting off our car, pulling him out and driving their car to the side and get back into ours.

8. The Bhoothula master:

8 - boothula master

Vaalu nadipinche tappudu drink chestharo ledo telidi kani, they keep driving extremely rash and constantly curse everyone on their way.

9. The Horn-Hitter:

9 - horn

Journey motham horn kottukuntu potharu. Adento ardham kaadu.

10. The Perfectionist:

10 - the perficionist

They are imaginary people who hardly exist.

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