11 Struggles people who don’t like chocolate will face!


Chocolates are the most beautiful things on the planet. They make us happy, they are our hunger-reliefs, our stress-busters, our sweet-tooth and our everlasting-love! But yes, there are people who do not like chocolate and it’s flavoured stuff. They face a lot of struggles in a lot. Here are a few:

1. They often get weird looks with new people as they do not find it so nice to hear.1chocolate

2. A birthday party has chocolate cake, usually. So we end up saying no, most times.2chocolate

3. Manaki gifts chaala kashtam ani we hear complaints. Since others find chocolates the best things to gift.3chocolate

4. Kondaru friends aithe treat you like a member who is not a member of the group when it comes to chocolates.4chocolate

5. Kondaru are pretty optimistic about this. They do not have to share any chocolate dessert with you.5chocolate

6. You always pray that there is no chocolate cake for your birthday!6chocolate

7. And then you have to feed someone cake and you get a piece in return, your face changes so much that you gotta eat it !7chocolate

8. You get your leg pulled by friends who prank at you with chocolates.8chocolate

9. You have a big list without chocolates in it when someone asks you if they have to bring you anything from a trip they are on.9chocolate

10. You do not like the fact that people do not accept that some people do not like it’s taste.10chocolate

11. You find it like heaven when you meet someone similar to you !11chocolate