11 Things You Will Know Too Well If You’re Competitive About Everything

Simple ga cheppali ante 3 Idiots movie lo ‘Virus’ laga anmata, prati chinna daniki competitive ga feel aypothu untaru. Ilanti vaallu by birth extra ambitious, extra hardworking, extra sensitive, extra competitive ga untaru. If meru kuda alanti vaalle aythe don’t feel bad about this. It’s just something we naturally feel and if you know what I am talking about, meru definite ga ee 11 things ki relate avtharu.
1.Meru eppudaina video games kani, board games kani adithe, you always end up arguing with your opponents. Competitive2. you can’t take anything sportive. Adi entha chinna game ayna, pedda game ayna. If you lose it, definite ga edchestharu. Andulo doubt ee ledu.Competitive3. Competitive annam kada ani meeru evariki help cheyyaru ani kadu, you always help people grow but mee secrets meku untay abba.Competitive4. Even meru eppudaina walking or running chesetappudu kuda you always watch surrounding people, atleast mee pakkana unde vaalla kanna okka adugu anna mundu undali anukuntu untaru, and untaru kuda.Competitive5. meru kani try chesthe you can be best at anything in the world ani mee strong stronger strongest feeling.Competitive6. Meru eppudaina edaina achieve chesthe you never take credit of anything (andari mundu), but inside mathram you just shout with joy.Competitive7. You never do anything wrong, oka vela eppudaina porapatuna chesi you always have a logical explanation for your mistakes.Competitive8. Metho competition ki vasthe chinna pillalni kuda vadilipettaru, evarinaina edipinchestharu, no matter what the competition is.Competitive9. eppudaina meru edanna group project lo unte you will only take all the responsibilities. Endukante you don’t trust anyone’s abilities other than yours.Competitive10. whenever you hear someone is doing good in their life, you feel jealous of them. And immediate ga daanni inspiration ga marcheskuntaru anukondi adi vere vishayam.10 - jealusy'11. meru eppudu mee score thelusukoni satisfy avvaru, you always have an eye on others scores, endukante mee score mathrame meku eppudu saripodu. 11 - results

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