12 Classis Telugu Movies From The Master Of Creativity Vamsy Garu That This Generation Needs To Watch

Vamsy is not in the game. Vamsy is the game. Vamsy is form, Vamsy created his own film language. Looking back I keep wondering how he played with the rules, how he deliberately avoided & played with cliches, and he did all these with small budget films almost they are like independent films. No stars, nothing, he doesn’t need them, he created his own cinema. He reinvented genres here, and he did all this in the mainstream, and I will say it we need a Vamsy badly now. The industry needs filmmakers like Vamsy who can make creative well crafted mainstream films.

He started writing stories from the age of 15, and his first story Sathya Sundari Navvindi was read in was read in All India Radio in 1975. Before beginning his film career he also wrote two two novels prior to it titled “Manchu Pallaki” & “Karma Sakshi” and they were published in “Andhra Jyothy Weekly.”

He started his film career in 1976 as an assistant director, he assisted legendary filmmakers like K. Viswanath, Bharathiraja. In his illustrious career he gave classics that are still the talk of the tollywood town. And his colloborations with Ilayaraja has given cinema the greatest musical scores and songs it has ever witnessed.

Today we are going to look/suggest you some of the greatest & brilliant movies made by Vamsy garu

1. Sitaara

2. Anveshana

3. Ladies Tailor

4. Maharshi

5. Sri Kanaka Mahalaxmi Recording Dance Troupe

6. Chettu Kinda Pleader

7. Manchupallaki

8. April 1st Vidudhala

9. Joker

10. Lingababu Love Story

11. Avunu Valliddaru Ista Paddaru

12. Detective Narada

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