12 Different Things people do on Facebook!


Facebook has become word that got included in our daily lives. It is so synonymous to hobbies, social networking and such things. We have met with our long lost friends and have found ways to promote our businesses and also start one. Kondarki it is the best mode of passing time and also being lazy. So facebook andaru vaadutharu, andulo konni things chaala mandi chestharu which are sometimes annoying. Here are 12 things that are kinda annoying

1. Invite people to play games. Aa invitations accept cheyyakapoina, we keep getting them every single day.1fb

2. They post nothing else but about their love on facebook.2fb

3. Asking people to share a picture of God or else they might fall into deep trouble!3fb

4. Sharing a picture that reads, they have the most handsome son/daughter!4fb

5. Announcing the most important life decisions.5fb

6. Changing their profile pictures 3-4 times a day.6fb

7. Sharing all their problems on their facebook statuses.7fb

8. There are people who try too hard to wish you on your birthday. Their fingers pain so much that they can type just 3 letters of the alphabet! HBD!8fb

9. There are people who round you up for having your opinions.9fb

10. There are people who only post about food on facebook and nothing else.10fb

11. There are people who post things and write captions that include millions of Hashtags.11fb

12. They edit their pictures so ridiculously that we find it very hard to recognize who it is.12fb