12 Temples In Bangalore That Everyone Must Visit Once In Their Lifetime

Bangalore is the third most populous city and fifth-most populous urban agglomeration in India. It consists of many beautiful and sacred temples of ancient architecture and rich cultural heritage. Today, we present to you a list of 12 must-visit incredibly beautiful temples in Bangalore that are good to your mind and soul. Take a look!

1. The Nandhi Temple

This temple is located in the Bull Temple Road, Basavanagudi, area of South Bengaluru. It is also known as Dodda Basavana Gudi or The Bull Temple.

2. Shivoham Shiva Temple

This is a famous Shiva Temple located on Old Airport Road in Bangalore. This temple is famous for the 65 feet tall idol of Shiva.

3. The Chokkanathaswamy Temple

One of the ancient temples in Bangalore. It is located in Domlur village, and this temple is famous for its large pillars and beautifully sculpted statues.

4. ISKCON Temple

ISKCON Temple is located at Rajajinagar, in the area of North Bangalore. This is one of the largest ISKCON temples in the world.

5. Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple

It is located in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore. This temple consists of the deity, Lord Shanmukha.

6. Jagannath Temple

This is one of the incredible temples in Bangalore. It is located on Sarjapur Road in Agara, Bangalore.

7. Banashankari Amma Temple

This temple is popularly known as Banashankari or Vanashankari. It is located in Tialkaaranya forest. It was built in the 7th century.

8. Shri Abhaya Anjaneya Temple

It is located at the Agara village, in South Bangalore. This temple consists of a gigantic statue (102 feet)of Lord Hanuman.

9. Kadu Malleshwara Temple

This temple was built in the 17th century. This place is famous for Maha Shivaratri.

10. Someshwara Temple

This is located on the banks of the Ulsoor Lake. The beautiful architecture of the temple consists of carvings in the wall which reflects the story of Shiva’s marriage to Parvathi.

11. Dharmaraya Swamy Temple

This is one of the oldest temples, situated in Megacity, Bangalore. This temple is famous for the Karaga festival.

12. Hulimavu cave temple

Located at Pai Layout, Hulimavu, Bengaluru. This is one of the mesmerizing temples in Bangalore.

Please comment on some more famous temples in Bangalore, help others to visit that place by mentioning those temples.

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