14 Interesting twitter bios of mana celebs


Twitter is a platform where mana and all groups lo celebs share their stories with all of us. Alanti social media platform lo chaala mandi vaalla introductions ni special ga pettekuntaru to attract their fans and followers. Here are some crazy introduction phrases.

1. Pawan Kalyan
Self dabba and edo introduction kakunda simple ga two words tho katham cheshnaru. Ilanti boss ki introductions enduku bhayya.01 Interesting twitter bios
2. Rajamouli
Who is he ani simple ga designation share cheskunnaru. Modesty at another level.02 Interesting twitter bios
3. Sukumar
Antha intelligent director is showcasing his journey in words of simplicity.sukumar4. Gautham Vasudev Menon
He structures his films so beautifully and expressed the same in his bio.gautham
5. Kona Venkat.
Meeru emanna peekkondi nenu in the ani simple ga cheppeshnaru.05 Interesting twitter bios
6. Shobu Yarlagadda
The quote he put in the bio is so apt with what he had done with Bahubali06 Interesting twitter bios
7. DSP
Motham resume ni chinna ga two lines lo petteshnaru. If possible, additional kuda teeskuntunde emo07 Interesting twitter bios
8. Regina Cassandra
Thana gurinchi em unna kuda the show must absolutely go on.regina
9. Ram Pothineni
Basic ga poetry kalalu unnattu anpistundi.09 Interesting twitter bios
10. Shriya Saran
Antha ganam cheppina kuda she is still discovering ante.. manaku and tanaku teliyani kalalu enni unnayo.10 Interesting twitter bios
11. Tapsee Pannu
It is what we are all made of but she took it to tell that is all about her and the rest is what is gradually made.11 Interesting twitter bios
12. Manchu Manoj
His introduction talks less about movies and more about him and hence, very interesting.12 Interesting twitter bios

13. Mahesh Babu

Mahesh movies lo dialogue laga “Actor in Indian Telugu cinema” ani tana intro iccharu.Mahesh Babu Twitter

14. Jr.Ntr

Nuu evaru ante “actor” ani cheppi tana simplicity ni chupinchaaru mana NTRntr