15 Single Film Actresses Who Stole Our Hearts And Vanished


Once mana directors started to hunt for heroines outside mana land, it became a huge platform for many models to explore their talent and try their luck in Telugu movies. It was a big sigh of relief for our directors as well as the ‘wannabe’ heroines. This approach gave life to many models who are now successful actresses. But, on the other side it was an intense battle for them to survive amidst the huge competition. Some survived the battle while some just couldn’t manage to swim through.

These Telugu heroines were well noticed for the debut they made, but barely got one opportunity to blush. And in no time, for unknown reasons they went into darkness. Some tried doing a few more movies, but we only remember them for that ‘one’ movie they did in Telugu. After that, no trace of them was found.

Richa Pallod

Single Film Actresses
Nuvvekavali tho vachi andarini aakatukundhi.. but aa tarvata pedda ga em velagale.


Single Film ActressesChubby ga, bodhu ga, manchi ga unde.. emaindho emo.. Rendu cinemalu cheshindhi aa tarvata kaata kalishi poindhi kaka!

Anuradha Mehta

Single Film ActressesAarya love at first sight propose cheyadaniki ee pilla innocent looks kuda oka karanam. Unko cinema cheshindhi kani evaru chushindro emo.. Aa tarvata gayab!

Neha Bamb

Single Film Actresses
Adhe aa pilla…Dil la Nithin lo kanipinchindhi.. Bommarillu lo ‘nannagaru cheparandi’ ani unko rendu maatalu palikindhi.. Jagapathy Babu tho oka cinema la steps eshindhi.. Ganthe!

Renu Desai

Single Film ActressesRenu Desai gayab ayinattu analemu. PK tho velipoyaka cinemala vaipu malli chudale.. ela aithenem okke saare thaluku mandhi kada. Vokay, Johnny la kuda!

Bhanu Sri Mehra

Single Film ActressesMeku gurthundho ledho.. Varudu film apudu tanani asalu disclose ye cheyale. Asalu emanna hype cheshindra. Movie promotions ki baga panikochindhi anuko. But, movie poindhi! Ammai poindhi!

Gowri Munjal

Single Film ActressesBunny, bunny, bunny, bunny….ninnu chusthe jaaruthondhi chunni.. inthe gurthundhi ee ammai gurinchi.

Meera Chopra

Single Film ActressesBangaram cinema lo PK pakkana ante asalu emanna chance ah. Psst.. luck kalisi rale papam.

Neha Sharma

Single Film ActressesCherry and Neha, both debut with Chirutha. Cherry ela survive ayyado andariki thelusu. Neha enduku survive avvaledho naakuda thelidu.


Single Film ActressesPuri Jaganath introduce cheshina ammai. Manchigane act cheshindi.. Personality baari undadam vallanemo, malla Vedam thappa main lead ga ekada raale.

Karthika Nair

Single Film ActressesNeha Sharma paristhiti eemedhi kuda. Oka angle lo manchiga untadi, unko angle lo kastam anipisthadi. Cinemalu inka chesthundemo… manakaithe telvad ra bai.


Single Film ActressesBaby Shamili ani andariki thelusu. Heroine ga andariki curiosity vachindi. Bagane peru kuda vachindhi, kani mayam ayindhi.

Payal Ghosh

Single Film ActressesPrayanam lo merishindhi. Aa tarvata Prayanam aapeshindi. (abbaba… em septhiri em septhiri!)

Sarah Jane Dias

Single Film ActressesMiss India World title gelichindi. Panja lo chance vanchidi. Konni Hindi movies cheshindi. Ala ala.. nadusthundhi. Angry Indian Goddesses lo chudali, eemenena Panja lo cheshindi anukuntam ??

Shaheen Khan


Adhi maa list. In case you also have someone who impressed you but we missed out, please mention in the comments below. Include chesedam. Entha sepu pani cheppu.