15 Games from Late 90’s Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories


Gully cricket lo first batting, carrom board lo red coin, musical chairs lo winner, chits game lo show koditey vacchey kick a verappa.

Manam software, engineer, actor, doctors, ila entha good positon lo unna kuda manalni eppudu follow iyyedi mana childhood memories and appatlo adukunna games, vatini eppatiki marchipolemu.

Now a day’s technology perigi children’s ki parents Amazon kindle tabs, Mac, android mobiles icchi candy crush, subway surf, temple run, adukomantunnaru kani late 90’s lo ala kadu.

Have a look at those childhood games:

1. Gully Cricket:

games from late 90's

Gully Cricket – group of kids in a street all form together and play cricket in gullies (street). Stones or bricks em untey vatini wickets la petkoni or ediana wall ki chalk piece or coal tho wickets la diagram esi cricket adey vallu. And also used to play with their own rules like continue ga three balls miss itey out, one step catch, and walls ki full toss direct ga hit chestey out. Ala chala conditions apply madya we used to bat and score for every ball they

2. Chits:

games from late 90's

Oka note book, pen, papers and group of 4 people strong enough to play this game ani cheppali. End of the game evaru ekuuva marks gain chestey they win anamta.

3. Carrom Board:

games from late 90's

Time pass game in 90’s in those days prati intlo carom board is mandatory. Tuition finish ayyaka intiki vacchi very next minute kids were used to play carrom board. Not only kids 7th nundi 10th standard boys and girls kuda chala adey vallu.

4. Hide N Seek (Dagudu moothalu):

games from late 90's

Chala chala simple and fun filled game it’s just like hunting for treasury. Awnu evarina okaru kallu muskoni ten numbers count chestharu rest of all others are supposed to hide anamata very funfilled game.

5. Seven Stones:

games from late 90's

Two teams ga divide iyyi, madyalo seven flat stones nee petti used to hit with a ball. Then oka team itey hit chesi they used to ran away, opponent team will chase them and hit with a ball. Ee gap lo disperse ina seven stones ni as it is circle lo sequence lo arrange cheyyali if they do team will get a point.

6. Maaram Pitti:

games from late 90's

It’s a totally challenging fun game, actually kids are used to hit hard with ball on streets. Edo game ea kani evadi mida aiyyin anger untey konchem hard ga kottesi unna revenge antha tiskuneyvalu and adi adigitey antha game lo common aney varu.

7. Musical Chairs:

games from late 90's

Famous game, in all school anniversaries, competitions, family, and other occasions. If participants are 10 chairs are 9 arranged in circle. And participants antha music play start avaganey chairs chuttu tirgali and when music stop cheyaganey chairs lo kurchovali if one couldn’t make it will be eliminated.

8. Gilli Danda:

games from late 90's

Oka long stick and small wood sharpen on both sides are used to play this game in 90’s from most of the kids. Idi actual ga rural game in which make narrow split on ground to place small wooden piece on it push with long stick to how much far they used to push hardly.

9. Marbles Game – Gotilata:

games from late 90's

Famous street game in late 90’s, oka goti tho inkoka goti ni kottadam. If oka player goti tho inkoka danni kottadu anuko other player tana marbles anni hit chesina vadiki iccheyali.

10. Video Game – Brick Games:

games from late 90's

Only addiction in those days, video game lo bricks game aduthu chesina time pass only 90’s kids ki matramey telusu.

11. Name Place Thing Animal:

games from late 90's

Such a crazy game we used to play in those days, just every individual one book, pen, carry chesi alphabet ivvaganey hurry bary ga start chese ee game kickass entertainment.

12. Flames:

games from late 90's

Flames ani rasi mana crush name or some besties name tiskoni vallatho manaki unna connection friend, lover, affection, marriage, enemy, sister ila edi annitlo edi vastey adi funny ga undedi game.

13. Pen Fight:

games from late 90's

Class lo teacher ledu antey chalu, pens tisi bench mida petti adey ee pen fight game miku gurthundey untadi.

14. WWF Trump Cards:

games from late 90's

WWF players tho print aiyyi undey ee trump cards, maximum 90’s kids andariki oka addiction. Avthali vadi daggara nundi cards anni win avtey vacchey kick ea veru.

15. Book Cricket:

games from late 90's

Assala book tho cricket adocchu aney concept evadiki vachindo kani, crazy game from school memories.

Inka chala unnai but we feel these game were epic games to share. Please mention other games in comments section.