15 Powerful & Oora Mass Telugu Dialogues From KGF Chapter 2

Rocky Bhai Has Arrived and Everyone is saying Salaam Rocky Bhai…Salaam ROcky Bhai. Ekkada chusina KGF 2 fever eh and Rocky Bhai vibe eh nadustundi…assala Prashanth Neel mowa tisina prathi scene rokko elevation bomb lo theatre lo peluthu unte audience antha mad aipoyi chustunnaru.

Rocky elevations…and aa elevations ni match chesthu Ravi Basrur mass BGMs ki theater lo gundelu adututunnayui. Just elevated scenes and fights kadu KGF CHapter lo prathi dialogue oka diamong and bomb la pelaayi ani chepocchu. Rocky Bhai and others cheppe powerful dialogues ki claps, whistles tho auditorium lo oka mass euphoria ni experience chestunnaru janalu…

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Mari Ee Mass Euphoria KGF 2 Best dialogues once chusthe…

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