20 Food Items Which Dominated Our Childhood In The 90’s

Before Ferrero Rochers, Snickers, thickshakes, stone concepts, etc., have taken over the thrones of this chocolate industry, there were some candies, chocolates and ice creams that made us go crazy for. Now, they have become a distant dream.

Here are those items that we all would be craving for now.

1. Rol-a- Cola Candies

childhood in the 90s

They were melting and candied forms of Coca Cola. That does sound very interesting and now and sure most of them have their mouth watering. There is more, just wait!

2. Mango Bite

childhood in the 90s

Screw every other mango-related treat. This was one thing we were on to.

3. Mittayulu

childhood in the 90s

Narenja Mittayulu. Mana daggara any little amount of change migilu unte, we buy them and keep in our bags oka cover lo.

4. Poppins

childhood in the 90s

If you thought Gems were too small and had lesser lifetime, poppins is the way out!

5. Kismi Toffee

childhood in the 90s

The heart-felt cardamom candies were a thrill.

6. Coffee Bite

childhood in the 90s

These were the best coffee shots of our times.

7. Phantom Cigarettes

childhood in the 90s

Theis was the escape route for a stylish feel and a smoky attitude. without nicotine in it, there was a sweet benefactor in the form of ‘sweet cigarettes’.

8. Pepsee

childhood in the 90s

50 paise tho apudu entha ocheddo telidu kani..there was something surely our favorite. It was a flavoured iced candy. They were the best thing to have in summers and friends tho kalisi tinadam was the best.

9. Nutties

childhood in the 90s

We miss the most. It is available now, but very very few places.

10. Pim Pom

childhood in the 90s

Lollipops ante ipudu chaaala types ostunnay kani oka Pim Pom tinadam lo unde anandam is not there anywhere.

11. Bonkers

childhood in the 90s

Sweet, chewy and classy! This was something we couldn’t buy on our own. Mana parents daggara chaala butter vesthe kani idi konniche vaallu kaadu.

12. Ravalgoan Candies

childhood in the 90s

Eh birthday party or independence day ayina kuda..two osthay and all we wish for is our favorite colors.

13. Frooti

childhood in the 90s

This was the best beverage we knew and it got our heads higher than we couldn’t imagine.

14. Sugar-Coated Saunf

childhood in the 90s

They come in tiny bottles or fancy boxes. They are the best snack to have and hotels lo kuda serve chese vaallu okappudu.

15. Boomer Chewing Gum

childhood in the 90s

1 rupee unte shop ki velli ee boomers konukoni, notlo vesukoni bubble try chestu aa rojullo full timepass chese vallam.

16. Marie Gold Biscuits

childhood in the 90s

Only breakfast in those days, morning levagane tea loki amma icche ee buiscuits tini school ki vellevalam.

17. Aasa chocolates

childhood in the 90s

1 rupee ki four chocolates, ippudu cadbury silk lu, snickers elano appatlo ee aasa chocolates antha value anamata.

18. Pala Ice cream (Milk Ice cream)

childhood in the 90s

1 rupee isthe appatlo pala ice cream ani okati vachedi, only ice cream in those days.

19. Ice Gola

childhood in the 90s

Crush chesina ice nki oka pulla petti, daniki rainbow colors unde ice gola ni appatlo entha istanga tine vallamo.

20. Peechuu Mithai

childhood in the 90s

Last but not least all time and mana andari favorite Peechu Mithai. Taluchukunte stomach lo butterflies move avtunayi ippudu tinadam anna ekkada dorkadam ledu.

Here are just a very few of them. Tag along your friend to make their mouths-watery too. and if there is another thing that is your favorite, comment and let us know.

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