The 24 Crafts Involved In Every Movie That You Should Know!


Everyone loves art in someway or the other. Some like a painting by a painter and some like a movie which is done by 24 distinct fields of artists together. A movie is not a one man show. Neither the director nor the hero is the only one involved in it. There are 24 crafts involved in making a movie. Yeah, we hear this lots of times but, the question is how many of you know what those 24 crafts are?

So, here are those 24 crafts that every director needs to know before he makes a movie.

1. Stunt Directors, Stunt Artists

Stunt Direction

2. Art Director

Art Direction

3. Cinematographer


4. Editing


5. Dubbing Artists

Dubbing Artist

6. Cinema Drivers

Cinema Drivers

7. Production Women

Production Women

8. Script Writing


9. Music Direction


10. Production Executive

Production Executive

11. Technical Unit

Technical unit

12. Studio Workers

Studio Workers

13. Production Assistants

Production Assistance

14. Makeup


15. Costume Designer

Costume Designing

16. Movie Casting


17. Audiography


18. Publicity Designing

Publicity Designing

19. Junior Artist Agent

Junior Artist Agent

20. Outdoor Lightmen

Outdoor Lightmen

21. Still Photographer


22. Choreographer


23. Junior Artists

Junior Artist

24. Director

Direction Department

You might be wondering that we missed the producer. Well, producer doesn’t come under 24 crafts since it is no art. I feel, in addition to the 24 crafts, computer generated graphics should be included as 25th craft as there is no movie without VFX team in the past few years or the coming ones.

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