4 Easy Ways to make your hair long and silky


Ammayiki andham thana jutte ani antaaru kaani ee juttu ni maintain cheyadamu chala kashtamu. If you want your hair to be long and silky then read on! We have a few hair masks for you.

1.Hot oil massage
You will need:
2-3 tbsp coconut/olive oil
Hot towelsilk and long hair

Mee hair length ni batti 2-3 tbsp coconut/olive oil theesukoni slightly warm cheyandi.
For 15 minutes mee scap ni ee oil toh massage chesi, 30 mins varaku unchandi.
Hot towel toh hair ni cover chesi mild shampoo toh hair wash cheyandi. Use a conditioner too.

2.Onion juice
You will need:
Large onion
Shower capsilk and long hair

Onion ni mixer lo esi puree cheyandi.
Hair pai apply shesi wait for 15 mins.
Put on a shower cap for your eyes not to burn
Repeat it twice a week

3.Menthulu (Fenugreek)
You will need:
Shower Capsilk and long hair

Raathri menthulanu water lo soak chesi unchandi
Poddhunna, dhennini mixed to pattandi
Ee paste ni scalp inka hair pai apply chesi 30 mins kosamu unchandi
Sulphate free shampoo toh wash chesi conditioner use cheyandi.

You will need:
Olive Oil
Shower Cap4 - egg

Ivanni ingredients ni mix cheyandi
Ee paste ki scap inka hair pai pettukovandi
Full ga cover ayinappudu 30 mins kosamu odhileyandi
Wash with cold water and mild shampoo