4 Food Challenges You Must Take Right Now With Your Friends Or Siblings!


Food challenges are often the life of any house party. They are fun, interesting and surely a great way to spend time with your friends or siblings. Some restaurants or cafes also have their food challenges designed according to their menus to attract customers.
So, why not recreate those challenges at home and have some fun?

1.The Big Burger Challenge

1 Food ChallengesA place in Pune, challenges its customers to try their 2kg burger. Stuffed with meat, eggs, layers of vegetables and fries, this is a super-fun challenge. Now, making a 2 kg burger can be quite a task, so why not, make a simpler and easier version of it? Load your burger with your favourite veggies, eggs and loads of cheese (you can add meat also if you are up for it,) and see who finishes the burger, the earliest.

2.Spicy Chicken Wings Challenge

2 Food ChallengesAll you need for this challenge is chicken wings, hot sauces and a friend that loves spicy food. You can order in fried chicken or get raw chicken and cook it without spices. Then, get your hot sauces like Tobasco sauce, Peri-Peri sauce, Schezwan sauce or Green Chilly sauce. Keep spicing up your chicken with every level and the last man standing is the winner.

3.The Chai Challenge

3 Food ChallengesThis is perhaps the easiest challenge, at least when comes to the preparation. SodaBottleOpenerWaala has a very unique chai item on their menu called Khade Chamach ki Chai. This chai has so much sugar that it does not dissolve into you chai and instead your spoon just stands upright in the glass (literal translation, eh?) So take this challenge and see who finishes this cup of chai the fastest.

4.The Mirchi Challenge

4 Food ChallengesYou do not need a lot of items for this. All you need is a bowl of green chillies. While most people use the spiciest Mirchi, Bhoot Jholakia, you can use green chillies, dried red chillies or even make a bajji out of the chillies and use them for the challenge. The person who eats the highest number of chillies becomes the winner of this challenge.