4 Simple Foods And Drinks You Can Make With Ice Apples!

Summers are our favourite. Be it the heat or the summer special foods, we wait for this season all year long. It is almost impossible for us to imagine our summers without bright sunny days or several days of vacation. While summer’s all about joy, we cannot get over our favourite summer fruits.

Ice Apples or Tati Munjalu are our most-loved summer fruit and we like hoarding on them. Apart from being hydrating and delicious, Ice apple has several health benefits and are believed to be loaded with nutrients.
While the fruit is extremely flavourful, do you know that there are several recipes you can try and play around with? Here are a few recipes you can try with this summer speciality.

1.Ice Apple Sharbat

1 Simple Foods With Taati MunjaluIce apple in itself is a very cooling and soothing fruit. But a sharbat out of it? Nothing can get better than this, right. The recipe is extremely simple and doesn’t take much preparation time too.
Recipe: Take the ice apples, peel the shells off and separate their water in a glass. Now take a bigger glass or jug and add coconut water, ice apple water and sugar to it and mix till the sugar completely dissolves in the water. Now cut your ice apples into tiny cubes and add it to this mixture. Serve your sharbat with ice-cubes.

2.Bengali Ice Apple Vada

2 Simple Foods With Taati MunjaluEver tried a sweet vada? If you haven’t then you must try Ice apple vadas which are a Bengali speciality.
Recipe: Take your ice apples and peel their shells off, mash them into a fine paste and pass them through a sieve. Now mix this with jaggery, cinnamon, rice flour and make a fine batter. When your batter is ready, take a pan, heat some ghee and drop this batter in vada shape in the hot ghee and fry till the vadas turn golden brown on both the sides. Serve your Ice Apple Vadas hot.

3.Ice Apple Kheer

3 Simple Foods With Taati MunjaluPayasam or Kheer has to our favourite all-time dessert. Often made during festivals or celebrations, we love gulping down bowls of them. And this summer why not make Paayasam out of Ice apples?
Recipe: To make Ice apple kheer, take the fruits, peel their skin off, cut them into cubes and keep them aside. Now, take blanched almonds, cinnamon powder, milk and blend. Mix the almond mixture with milk and cook this mixture on a thin flame till it gets thick. Add sugar, to this and mix it well. Finally, add your ice apple pieces and rest it in a refrigerator and serve it cool.

4.Ice Apple Rose Milk

4 Simple Foods With Taati MunjaluRose milk is flavourful and is extremely soothing during summers. We often run to local stores to buy a glass of chilling rose milk. And, to infuse our favourite summer fruit in it, nothing can go wrong with this recipe.
Recipe: Take 2-3 tablespoons of Basil seeds and mix it with milk. Rest it in a refrigerator for about 15 minutes or till the seeds swell up. Then, add some more milk, rose syrup, sugar and mix it well. Add small cubes of ice apples to it and rest it for 30 minutes. Serve it chilled.

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