5 Best Kolkata Street Food items and Where To Find Them

Written by Sneha Lodha

Kolkata street food is devoured everyday by Kolkatans of every age. Kolkata is popularly known as the Cultural Capital of India but it is also known as a heaven for foodies as it offers an array of tasty street foods. Kolkata is the king of street food in India which offers not only mouth-watering dishes of other Indian states but also other countries such as traditional Chinese and Tibetan food.

The Best items in Kolkata street food:

1. Puchka:

Puchka, also known as Paani Puri, is a combination of sweetness, spiciness and crunchiness and is one of the most iconic street food delicacies. It comes with fillings of numerous variations such as yogurt, tamarind water, mint water and sometimes even vodka shots. If a puchka lover gets a chance to describe their love, they might say:

“When I put the thin fried balls (filled with a stuffing of spicy mashed potatoes and dipped in tetul-jol) entirely in my mouth, it explodes in my mouth giving the most divine sensation and leaves me begging for more. It works as an appetizer for me, the more I have it, the more I want to have it.”

Where to eat:

Dilip da’s puchkas at Vivekananda Park, on Southern Avenue, which is the most famous puchka stall in Kolkata.

2. Momo


Momo, the light and filling dish, has become a recent addition to the street foods of Kolkata. It is an amazing dumpling served with a piping hot soup (made up of chicken and noodles). Chicken or vegetables are added to make momos the king of Kolkata street food.

Where to eat:

Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit and New Market areas are always crowded with students and are the best places to have these amazing dumplings.

3. Ghugni Chaat

Ghugni Chaat is a typical Kolkata street food made from white or yellow peas which is boiled in a mixture of chopped onion, coconut, tomatoes, coriander leaves and green chilly, along with lots of tamarind water and a blend of spices and without a single drop of oil/butter/ghee. Ghugni Chaat is served hot and has huge demand during winter season. A spoonful of Ghugni mixed with lots of sweet tamarind chutney, salad toppings and chillies can burst into a plethora of unimaginable flavors.

Where to eat:

Found in railway platforms, running trains, standalone ghugni sellers, tea stalls, etc. but one must try Ghugni at Dacre Street, also known as Decker’s Lane.

4. Jhal Muri

Jhal muri is the most famous favorite Kolkata street food. It is light, tangy, filling and entirely satisfying dish which is made by mixing puffed rice with various ingredients consisting of lentils, peanuts, chanachur, bhujia, chillies, tomatoes, coriander, chopped onions, coconut chunks, nuts, and spices which are mixed and tossed in mustard oil. It is served in a pouch made of newspaper and is a perfect teatime snack to munch.

Where to eat:

One must taste the Jhal muri at Triangular Park.

5. Telebhaja

Telebhaja refers to a variety of deep-fried vegetable snacks made with onion, beetroot, pumpkin and various other vegetables in a batter of crispy corn/gram flour usually served along with various spices, tangy chutney, and lots of deep-fried chillies. Telebhaja is a generic name for every deliciously oily and sinful dish including peyaji, brinjal fries, aloor chop, vegetable chop, fried fish, mutton chops, Aamer chop, Aadaar chop, raw mangoes are traditional favorites.

Where to eat:

Gariahat, Vardhaan Market, Six Russel Street and Fairlie Place are some of the favorite destinations for telebhaja lovers.

If there’s any Kolkata street food item we missed, please let us know.

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