5 Creative DIY Ideas To Reuse Old Perfume Bottles


If you one among them who loves to have the collection of perfume bottles, it is definitely for you. Instead of just placing them on your shelf, try to repurposing perfume bottles with these creative ideas:

1. Try to use dessert stand to hold perfume bottles and it is a perfect way to show your collection to people. 1perfume
2. Turn an old or empty perfume bottle into a reed diffuser. This simple idea makes an elegant statement.2perfume
3. Using jewelry making tools, wire and a small perfume bottle that filled with glitters, you can create an interesting and unique necklace. 3perfume
4. Use your perfume bottles as flower vases. 4perfume
5. You can also use your empty perfume bottles to keep Christmas lights. This will definitely add more beauty to your bedroom.5perfume