5 delicious fruits which can be grilled

Grilled leda grilling anaganey manaki fish, meat inka vegetables guruthu osthai, kani did you know even some fruits can be grilled. Fruits ni grill chesthara, enti pichi ga cheputhunara ani anukuntunara? Ledhu andi konni fruits manam grill cheskoni thinochu. Fruits ni grilling a.. enti idhi Kotha ga undi anukuntunara?

Aythey meeru ee different inka delicious grilled fruits ni try cheyalsindey. Check out this article.


Delicious FruitsThe king of all grilled fruits, pineapples ni grilled recipe lo try chesthey you will never eat the regular fruit again. Ee fruit loni sweetness inka koncham sour flavour ni yummy tandoori masala lo combine avuthey a taste chala delicious ga untundi.


Delicious Fruits

Summer lo mana body ni hydrate ga unchey watermelon ni kuda grill cheskovachu. Grilled watermelon ni salads lo leda normal ga thintaru.


Delicious Fruitssimple Vanilla ice cream loki ee butter grilled peaches combination lo tintey chala delicious ga untundi.


Delicious Fruits

caramelised sugar lo slit chesina bananas tho grill chesthey bananas chala tasty ga untai.


Delicious Fruits

grilled pears ni hot caramel inka chocolate sauce combination tho tintey, you will never forget this taste.

Inka endhuku late meeru kuda ee simple fruit grills ni try chesi chudandi.

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