5 Exciting Momo Fillings You Can Make At Home


Who doesn’t love Momos? Momo is a dumpling delicacy hailing from Tibet, they are delicious and are actually quite easy to make at home, momos are all about the filling, the filling determines the taste of the momos and though Momo stalls have become quite popular and common, they can only provide you certain types of momos, so if you are looking to experiment with different momo fillings or just want to experience different types of momos, then we got you covered, we have made a list of exciting momo fillings that you can make at home, so let’s get started

Noodles Momos

Noodles MomosHave noodles leftover at home? Stuff them in your homemade momos. Its quite simple to do, just take a tiny dough ball, roll it out evenly, fill it up with the noodles and put it in a steamer and you are ready to go, you tasty noodle momos are ready.

Chocolate Momos

Chocolate MomosYes, you might be reluctant at first, but chocolate momos are a thing, chocolate momos are simple to make, all you need is a little chocolate, fill the dough up with some dark chocolate, you can add cherries, and castor sugar. Fold it gently so that the dumpling does not break and steam it, and you are all set.

Mushroom and cheese

Mushroom And CheeseFairly simple recipe, chop some boiled mushrooms and add them to the dough, you can also add a few cheese cubes and herbs to the dough and steam them. Your mushroom and cheese momos are ready.

Spinach and corn

SpinachThis is actually a great combination and you will definitely love this combination, a creamy combination of spinach, boiled corn kernels and cheese will make your momos absolutely delicious. Just add them to the filling and steam them.

Sausage Wantons

Sausage WantonsLove meat in momos? They you can simply add in sausages to the filling along with some herbs, and steam the momos, this combination is great for those looking for meat in their momos.