5 Female Oriented Movies That Are Not Feminist Rants!

There are interesting movies, chic flicks, rom coms, and then there is the cliched Indian drama. And in this genre there are movies that claim to be women centric too, mostly releasing around women’s day every year. But, what’s the one thing that is common in these films that makes you cringe? Yes, the stereotypical feminist rant and male bashing. But, yes there are films that do not fit under this umbrella and are indeed an interesting and entertaining watch for men and women alike although they have a girl as a protagonist. Here are a few such movies you should not miss for the world.


4A small town girl who is scared to speak her heart out emerges as the strongest person that earns her admirers. From going on her honeymoon alone to solo travel, staying in a hippy hostel and making friends with random strangers Rani did it  all. Giving us life goals, this heroine oriented movie spoke of the new age girl without male bashing.


2In the world of women the real battle is among girls, and no you cannot define the friends and foes here. Meghana and Shonali are arch enemies, but that doesn’t stop them from standing up for each other, so is the case with Janet. That’s some realistic portrayal of women as opposed to the stereotypes against women and their fights.

No One Killed Jessica:

5The movie about a no nonsense journalist and a sister who is ready to fight the world to bring her sister’s murderer to justice. The movie perfectly portrays how women can fight against the world if they are determined to do something.

Sala Kadoos:

1“Sports Main Se Politics Hatake Dekho,

Gali Gali Mein Champions Milenge.” One dialogue that sums up the scenario of sports and women in sports in the country. Portraying the dreams, struggles, and life of a girl from a slum and her way to becoming a champion.

Anushree Experiments:

3This coming of age film is about a girl next door,  her challenges, her views and much more. All this being portrayed in a fun and realistic manner with no silicon and celluloid taking over the plot. An interesting watch for everyone ‘coz Anushree’s experiments with life is something we’ve all done or seen our friends go through.

In other words, the movie is about Anushree Sharma who has been failing all her grades in college and now is trying to come up with the most innovative and offbeat way to stop her upcoming marriage. Released in 2013, this amazing entertainer is now coming to entertain the Telugu audience soon. So, do watch it without fail to pick some indigenous tricks to face the challenges of life.

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