5 North India’s Favourite Breakfast Dishes!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A healthy and filling breakfast in the morning will keep you full and prevent you from eating junk. It also provides you with metabolism enough to last for the entire day. Missing out on your breakfast can harm your immunity system..
While we South Indians are obsessed with our Dosas and Uttapams and we just cannot do with these, there are several other delicious and nutritious breakfast options all across the country. So if you wish to try something new for your breakfast, try these North Indian morning meals.

1.Poori-Aloo Curry

1 5 Favourite Breakfast Dishes From North IndiaMost people consider Poori as super unhealthy and why not? It is deep-fried, right? But, you can cheat once in a while. So, Poori and Aloo curry is a very popular breakfast item not just in the North, but also all over the country. Each region has its own version of this dish. For example in Maharsahtra is is known as Poori Bhaji and in the South as Poori Masala Curry.

2.Bread Pakora

2 5 Favourite Breakfast Dishes From North IndiaBread Pakora is a popular snacking item down in the South. But in the North, it is eaten for breakfast. Bread is fried with spices and sometimes is also filled with mashes potatoes or paneer. Super yummy and quick to make, it is often served with tomato sauce or pudina chutney..

3.Besan Cheela

3 5 Favourite Breakfast Dishes From North IndiaBesan Cheela is our desi version of pan-cakes or even North Indian’s version of a dosa or Utappam. The batter to make cheelas are made with gram flour (besan), spices and herbs. You can also add thinly spiced onions, chillies and vegetables to add more flavour and texture. They are usually served with tomato or coriander chutney.

4.Dal Kachori

4 5 Favourite Breakfast Dishes From North IndiaKachori-making can be quite a hassle. The procedure is pretty long and it the prep work also takes time. But the best part about Kachoris, is that they have a pretty long shelf life. Kachori is filled with dal or lentils and with several spices and herbs. They are flaky, crunchy and crispy making them perfect for breakfast. Eat them with pudina chutney or imli ki chutney and there cannot be a better breakfast.

5.Aloo/Gobi Paranthe

5 5 Favourite Breakfast Dishes From North IndiaHow can we talk of North Indian cuisine and not talk of paranthe? They are a huge part of the cuisine and we just cannot stop with one bite. Paranthe, stuffed with mashed aloo or gobi and loaded with spices and herbs, are the best. Who is already making themselves a plate of paranthe with some dahi/curd?

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