5 Places To Visit In India After A Heart Break….!!

By Harika Bantupalli

Broken hearts are something that cannot be repaired easily. You put in so much of your feelings and effort into one relationship that crumples down like a house of cards. And the, your heart breaks, emptying a part of your soul and filling it with void. At such times, when you feel there’s no direction, travelling could be your knight in shining Armour, and perhaps, your key to finding happiness and self-fulfillment.

So when love turns it’s back on you, wander off to these places, mend your broken heart and find your true self.

  1. Kerala


What can heal you better than the nature itself? And what better place to be than the God’s very own country when you are engulfed in sorrow and inexplicable void? the lush green tea estates at Munnar, numerous waterfalls that wave at you at the most unexpected places, those serene back waters and pleasant boat rides- all these experiences will fill your body and soul with a certain calmness that surely provides solace to your wailing heart.

  1. Goa


This might be one of the most clichéd partying spot in our country, but who cares? When you are in Goa, you forget all the worries, pain and just indulge yourself in sheer pleasure. Spend some lone time on the stretches of the Goan beaches with a can of beer in your hand, crash a party and do something crazy, or just treat your taste-buds with some sumptuous local cuisine. After all, food is supposed to make you happy, right?

  1. Hampi


This might sound a bit weird, but since all the palaces and other historical spots are always flooded with tourists, you might try and go to a place that is rich in heritage, but will let you spend time with yourself clearing off all the bad air and vibes around you. Hampi, the erstwhile capital city of Vijayanagara dynasty is one such places where you can actually explore the history, and your inner peace, all by yourself. Just hire a bicycle and ride around the historical town, listening to the music from the ancient structures and experiencing the warmth in its air.

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands


You have experienced the heart break, now what? Time to conquer your fears and get better as an individual. Hit the coasts of Andaman Islands, experience the pristine nature and try some adventure sports. Trust me, this might sound silly, but some exciting scuba diving or snorkelling activities pushes off those gloomy thoughts, kick in the adrenaline in you, urging you to find new things to love. And at the end of the day, it will all be worth it.

  1. Pondicherry


This might just be the trip of emotional revival for all the heart broken females out there. Known to be one of the safest places to travel alone in the country, this union territory with immaculate beaches and a charming French essence to it can give warmth and solace to your broken heart. Just take a leisurely stroll on its sandy shore on barefoot or pay a visit to the quaint French town, you will find yourself vanishing into the beauty of this magical land.

Let go of the despair caused by your love, and flirt with these beautiful places instead. Because only when you wander and lose yourself, you will be brave enough to find yourself!


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