5 Reasons that made Rudhramadevi a huge hit


When Rudhramadevi released after Baahubali, a lot of fans were circumspect if the film will work. A lot of people were comparing it with Rajamouli’s epic, raising doubts about the quality of graphics and the story.

However, when the film released on Friday, all the fears were put to rest. Rudhramadevi won the appreciation of the critics, as well as the applause of the audience. In spite of skepticism and doubts, Rudhramadevi proved that there is no greater pull for a film, than a tight, gripping story.

Here are five reasons why Rudhramadevi worked as a film, beating everybody’s expectations.

1. Women Centric Film:


5 Reasons that made Rudhramadevi a huge hit4

Generally, there’s a stereotype in the industry that a woman-centric film will not work. There are also expectations that a woman-centric has to be an art film. However, director Gunashekar proved everybody wrong, and the film was marketed purely as a film that starred Anushka. The audience lapped it up!

2. Tight Story:

5 Reasons that made Rudhramadevi a huge hit1


At the end of the day, a film is nothing but a story. The medium, the budget, the casting, are all secondary to the story. Rudhramadevi proved that this is right, and banked on a tight, gripping story, which does not have any sell-out gimmicks like love triangles and unnecessary humour tracks.

3. Not just ‘Guest Appearance’:

5 Reasons that made Rudhramadevi a huge hit3


When the trailers were released, people assumed that Allu Arjun and Rana would have blink-and-you-miss-it roles in the film. However, when they saw the film, they realized that the roles were actually well fleshed out and not just a trap to entice the viewers.

4. Ilayaraja’s music:

5 Reasons that made Rudhramadevi a huge hit2


The maestro Illayaraja seems to be back in form. Instead of sticking to loud, jarring drums and trumpets, Illayaraja weaves magic with his melodious tunes. The music and background score add the element of suspense and thrill to the film’s proceedings.

5. Strong central character:

5 Reasons that made Rudhramadevi a huge hit5


At the end of the day, Rudhramadevi belongs to Anushka. She pulls off the role with aplomb, carrying the film on her shoulders. While the rest of her colleagues are still straddling multi-heroine films, Anushka has bravely gone where no actress has dared to. She deserves all the credit for her role as the central character.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, you should. It is getting a lot of positive response from the audience! Let us know what you think of the film.

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