5 super easy, tasty sandwiches to make at home.


Sandwiches are some of the simples and tastiest snacks you can eat. Veetini entha unhealthy ga cheskovocho, anthe healthy and tasty ga kuda cheskovochu. Here are a few sandwich recipes that you might want to try.

1. Bombay Sandwich1 sandwiches

We need:
· 1 boiled potato

· 1 sliced capsicum, tomato and onion

· Diced cucumber

· Chat masala, jeera powder.

· Mint chutney

What to do now?
· Apply butter and mint chutney on two different slices.

· Layer the veggies in the order of their softness.

· Sprinkle chat masala, jeera powder on the other slice.

· Bind them up and cut it into 4 pieces.

· Eat it with mint chutney or tomato ketchup.

2. Mushroom Sandwich2 sandwiches

We need:
· Chopped garlic and chillies

· Thinly sliced onion

· Sliced mushrooms

· Coriander

· Cheese

· Salt (for taste)

What now?
· Heat a pan. Add a tsp of oil or butter.

· Sauté the garlic, onion and green chilles.

· Add mushrooms after onions turn brown. Sprinkle some salt.

· Place this on bread slices. Add cheese on the top of the filling.

· Bind it with another slice of bread.

· Toast it on both the sides and have it with mayo or ketchup.

3. Potato Sandwich3 sandwiches

We need:
· Boiled and mashed potato

· Thinly sliced onion and capsicum

· Ginger garlic paste

· Chopped green chillies

· Jeera powder, garam masala powder, coriander powder, amchur powder, salt.

What now?
· Heat 1 tsp of oil in a pan. Add garlic, green chillies and onion.

· Once onions are cooked, add the ginger garlic paste. Once rawness is gone, add the mashed potatoes and cook till the moisture is gone.

· Add the masalas taken and cook it for a couple of minutes.

· Place this filling between 2 bread slices and toast it evenly on both the sides.

4. Nutella and Banana Sandwich4 sandwiches

We need:
· ¼ c. chocolate hazelnut spread (Nutella)

· 2 tbsp. salted almonds

· 1 large ripe banana

What now?
· Spread 1 tbsp of spread on two slices.

· Sprinkle with almonds, press them gently.

· Arrange slices of banana on one slice and cover it with the other.

· Place the sandwich on a hot pan and press it down gently.

· Cook on both the sides and have a dessert sandwich hot on your plate.

5. Potato and Peas Sandwich5 sandwiches

We need:
· 1 big bowl boiled peas

· 3 boiled potatoes grated

· 2 green chilies chopped

· 1/2 tsp madras curry powder

· 1/4 tsp coriander powder

· 1/4 tsp red chili powder

What now?
· Heat oil in a pan and add the chilles.

· Add the grated potatoes once the chillies are done.

· Add curry powder, boiled peas, red chili powder, coriander powder and salt. Mash the potatoes and peas and let it cook away for 2-3 minutes.

· Spread some filling on a slice of bread and cover it with another.

· Toast the sandwich evenly on both the sides or you can have it cold.