5 Tips To Cook The Perfect Pasta Every Time

Pasta is a common dish, which is loved by everyone, it is a fairly simple recipe, which you can make at home, but there are a few tips and tricks that you need to know if you are looking to make the perfect pasta, we have made a list of few tricks which will make cooking pasta easier for you.

Don’t put oil, while boiling the pasta

Tips For Cooking PastaPasta tends to stick because it contains starch, you might think that adding oil can prevent pasta from sticking, but this is not the case, because oil never mixes with water, and you will end up with greasy pasta, this will also cause the sauce to slide off the pasta while mixing.

Salt the water

Tips For Cooking PastaThe only way you can season the pasta is by adding salt while boiling pasta, pasta is bland, so it is important that you season it, remember, that to season the pasta, the water has to taste like the sea.

Al Dante

Tips For Cooking PastaTo make the perfect paste, you must cook it ‘Al Dente’ which means that the pasta should be cooked in such a way that it is still firm when bitten, while boiling, your pasta should always be undercooked by 30 seconds so that you can finish cooking it perfectly in the pan with the sauce.

Save the cooking liquid

Tips For Cooking PastaBefore you drain your pasta, save the cup of cooking water into a bowl or measuring cup and reserve it for your sauce, this is because the pasta water contains starch, and while cooking the pasta with the sauce to can add this water so that the sauce doesn’t thin out and stays thick.

Finish it in the pan

Tips For Cooking PastaAlways have your sauce prepared before you boil your pasta, The pasta cooking should be the last step, immediately add the boiled pasta to the sauce after draining it, this is where the sauce and the pasta meet, the pasta will finish cooking in the sauce, and if your sauce is too thick, this is where the precious tip will come in handy, add a little pasta liquid to the sauce to thin it up and make it creamy.


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